Uncle Pumpkin-Head

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Uncle Pumpkinhead on a tower field

Uncle Pumpkinhead was introduced as a Halloween-only monster, and in the Anarchy Online movie version of the story Prophet Without Honor

On the road out of Biomare all the way to the Longest Road, a dozen or more Uncle Pumpkinheads of fairly low level

In the Broken Shores zone, fairly near the whompahs, level 142

Uncle Pumpkin Head

Monster Info

Level Range: 1 - 200
Aggressiveness: Social
Frequency: Numerous around Halloween
Size: Man Sized


Uncle Pumpkin Head
Griefing Uncle Pumpkin Head
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Around Land Control Areas and City Plots

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Melee.gif Leet Bite 1

Attack skills: martial arts - 100%
Defence skills: evade close - 100%
Speed: 1.75 s / 1.75 s
Damage type: melee damage
Range: 2m
Special: none


Item Drops

Varies annually each Halloween