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Berael is currently an Advisor of the Neutral Organization: Wolf Brigade on RK5 & President of The Union on RK19

'Writing Projects'
Dust Brigade content page City Write Ups
Filling in Tradeskill Processes
Assisting guide
Special Attacks guide
Kyr'ozch Guide


Berael 220/20 Solitus Engineer - RK5
Bebopp 135/10 Atrox Doctor - RK5
Betony 60/6 Solitus Adven - RK5
Beradine 150/7 Opifex Enforcer - RK5
Bethea 150/ Solitus Soldier - RK5

Berael 220/30 Solitus Engineer - RK19
BEradine 220/26 Solitus Enforcer - RK19