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Not like I am an admin or anything, but I welcome you to AO Devs. Someone who is knowledgeable enough to make new articles is very valuable to this wiki, indeed.

Please do not take any minor additions I may make to your new articles as a sign you did something wrong, but rather as a sign that there is something there valuable enough to attempt to perfect. The less merit the material, the longer I take to get around to fixing it.

I direct your attention to the code used to make a standard 'paper doll' for armor; just copy it from where I am adding it to (First Tier Bureaucrat Jobe Suit) and hit the Show Changes a lot 'til you feel comfortable with it. I still do not know how much of the code here works, just what it does.

I do not have the expansions yet, so anything you can add to Shadowlands articles is pure gold, particularly screenshots. I have done what I can to fill in Shadowlands Mobs, the famous ones like Hecklers, but there is much to do in that area particularly.
Anarchangel 14:54, 28 April 2010 (UTC)

Used the paper doll code, but it wasn't showing up in preview so i made my own grid.

Might just be my browser though.

Anyway, edit's don't bother me, probably end up making some minor ones myself when I'm bored.

Still can't decide where I want to focus, so just fiddling around here and there.