Versailles Tower

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Secrets of Rubi-Ka mission:
"Welcome to Versailles Tower. This disk will provide you with some basic information about one of the most curious buildings on Rubi-Ka.
It is not clear exactly when the Versailles Tower was built, but it was commissioned by the eccentric leader of the clan Knights of Avalon, Lord Galahad. The Knights have always been quiet about the purpose of the small castle, but outsiders have been admitted inside its vast, empty halls.
Built between waterfalls and a forest, the castle is almost always shrouded in fog, adding to the mysterious reputation it has. Rumors fly high whether this castle houses another bio-mechanical creature hidden away in a secret basement, like the one in Camelot, but it has proven impossible to confirm.
During the last year, the soldiers of the Knights have abandoned the castle, leaving it to dilapidate into a reet's nest, but it remains one of the most curious locations on the planet to this day."