Wartorn Valley

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A Shadowmutant Blot strides over the wreckage of a fighting droid as an electrical storm wracks Wartorn Valley to no effect; all is destroyed already
Bjorn Krax stands outside his home as a junk - scavenging Waste Disposer robot floats by. The walls of Old Athen can be seen to the east

Wartorn Valley is surrounded by Aegean to the north, east and south, and borders Old Athen in the west; it contains an exit to Old Athen.

It has no Land Control Areas or Dyna Camps, although there are many in Aegean. The area contains many low level mobs suitable for starting characters. Its smoking ruins, littered with the wreckage of war machines, are a piece of Rubi-Ka history.

There is a Shadowlands exit to Wartorn Valley in the southwest.

Missions and NPCs[edit]