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Waypoint command creates a mission location on the planet map and mini-map. It looks just like a mission location. Once you enter the zone of its location it appears in the compass just like a mission. This map location will remain on your maps until you upload another mission or use the mini-map button to remove waypoint.

Command Usage[edit]

This command is used to provide your location others making it easier to find you. It is also used to provide directions to a location such as a rallying point for a raid. This command requires three pieces of information x, y, and playfield #.

Playfields can have multiple playfields to handle excessive crowding. This mostly happens in shops and dungeons. It can happen in crowded aress of cities. For a list of known playfield ids see this wiki's Playfields page.

Syntax: /waypoint x z playfield#

To use your current location for this command, press SHIFT + F9 and look at the second line of output in your chat window.

Sample output for Borealis:
Extended location information:
- 622.6, 719.8, 67.3 (622.6 719.8 y 67.3 800)
- Pf Proxy: Model=51100:800 GS=0 SG=0 R=800, resource: 800
- zone: 440, area: "Borealis"
Server id: 3114, character id: 50000:1244544164, time: 2011-01-07 03:11:00 (UTC)
Version: 18.4.2, map id:, build: 49280.

X = 622.6
Y = 719.8
Playfield = 800
Zone instance is GS=0

Here is a sample command: /waypoint 622 719 800


You can use a script to generate the wayward command using the output from SHIFT + F9. Create a script with the following contents. Make it one long line in the script.

<a href="text://<center><a href='chatcmd:///waypoint %2 %3 %9' style='text-decoration:none'>
<font  color=CCInfoHeader>Click below to get a map marker<p><p>
<font color=CCLinkColor><img src='rdb://11336'><p><u>My location</a>">
Get a marker on your map for my location</a> 

To use this script

  • Press SIFT + F9
  • Copy the second line
  • In chat comamnd type / followed by name of your script
  • Press CTRL + V to paste
  • Press enter and a link will be generated in the chat

If you don't want to code your own script, use the AreiensGUI Pannel. It has map marker option and a script you can use.


The map Info button gives information about Notum Wars towers, and has inputs for the two coordinates (minus the playfield), and it is possible to create waypoints with it. You can hide the buttons afterwards to get more of the map and less border.