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The Backyard Vendor and Mini-Dyna Boss are points of interest

West Athen is a newer offshoot of Old Athen. It is the site where Clan members start their career on the mainland of Rubi-Ka. Access to the Condemned Subway is given to Clanners level 24 and below. The Subway is located on the west side of West Athen, between the Basic and Advanced shops. Entrances that lead to Backyards and clan standard Apartments line the south avenue, and a grid-terminal is on the central avenue, with requirement for exit to the town of 131 CL. The Cup is a bar in West Athen.

To reach any Clan Backyard, go through the doorways marked 'Apartments' to the apartment area, and then through the archway to the Backyard proper. Useful items such as Electronicum Pistols can be purchased from the Backyards vendor in white. The Backyards used to be the starting point for all those new to Rubi-Ka; new characters now can choose between Nascence Training Grounds or the ICC Shuttleport, although they cannot return to the latter. Each Backyard is the residence of a very low QL Dyna Boss, which can provide loot of a sort not available from normal NPC enemies. Take care not to underestimate its abilities, however, as Dyna Bosses are exceedingly tough for their level.

The entrance to the Condemned Subway
Each shop in the avenue to the northeast of the West Athen town center offers a limited selection of goods; collectively, a wide assortment of billboards

The main collection of buildings, carved into the side of the hill also contains equipment and weapons stores and even a Miir Store for the fashion conscious among us: North up the steep side road between the Subway entrance and the Basic shop, to the end, then west.

The name West Athen also applies to the sprawl of small towns both north and west of the town center that are generally thought of as 'West Athen'.

Above the main collection of buildings, in the direction of the War Academy is Upper West Athen. Here are a small collection of stores, generally equipment, implants and other gear stores, but most interesting is a swirling vortex of energy. This is a teleporter, leading to the Inner Sanctum temple.

To the south and west are a few Mott and Bailey fortifications that are primarily unoccupied. Neither have shops, but they are interesting places to meet with ones' fellow explorers.


West Athen Docks, looking out across the bridge that leads to Old Athen. Laser scorch marks across its hull, a hovercraft of the kind used as ferries rests at dock. Rust may do what lasers could not
  • Advanced Store
  • Basic Store
  • Fortune Corner - Clothes for the brave new worlds
  • George's Armory
  • Indy's Implants
  • Miiir Fashions
  • Nanos for the Rest of Us
  • Weapons or Die



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