Will to Fight

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This instance is largely PvP territory. Except for the entrance area, the whole instance is 25% suppression gas. Due to its layout, it does not contain many monsters, apart from a few guards and mining robots. Omni-Tek and Clan have separate "entrance teleporters" in the entrance area of the instance, which transports them to a different location in the instance, the faction-specific starting area. The instance could be described as a huge Underground-Frag-Zone and since it is geared towards PvP only, it is not that interesting for the average player to visit.

Three tunnels come together in a central cave. The cave is called "Gnuff's Lair" after the creature that lives there. Gnuff has a crystal with special powers... The entrance is in the old mining outpost east of Last Ditch in Stret West Bank. Consider this instance a big labyrinth and you are the rat in it. You can actually get lost in there and you should bring food and water with you, otherwise you might die from starvation because the instance is so ... incredibly huge and running from one end to the other takes quite some time.


  • Drilling Robot (level 200 omni aligned)
  • Omni-Pol Supreme Guards (omni aligned)
  • ICC Peacekeeper
  • Tunnel Sliver
  • Tunnel Slitherer


A miner with a shadow rift crystal in the instance.