AODB is a custom extension exclusively for the AO Wiki. This extension provides the tag <aodb> for inserting the name and icons for in-game items.

Update Notes

  • Version 2.1.2 Dec 2, 2017
    • Fix option for using icon ID instead of item ID
  • Version 2.1 Nov 28, 2017
    • Added option to change tooltip text.
  • Version 2.0 Nov 28, 2017
    • Added inline option
    • Added icon detection, if image file doesn't exist, default to a "no image" image. Insert a category to track pages with these errors: Category: AODB Image Missing
    • If there is a general error with the item (not found,etc), insert category: Category:AODB Error

Icon DB Updates

  • Images/Names updated (AO Patch 18.8.23) as of Nov 17, 2017


Available options, etc.

Basic Use

  • Code: <aodb>267257</aodb>
  • This provides only the icon, linked to, and the item's name on mouse-over. Default icon size is 48px square.
  • Example output: Dreadloch Tigress

Adjusting Size/Image Options

  • Code: <aodb opts="24px">267257</aodb>
  • To pass along wiki specific markup for images to the file, use the opts="" attribute.
  • Example output (opts="24px"): Dreadloch Tigress
  • Example output (opts="24px|frame|none"):
    Dreadloch Tigress

Include Item's Name

  • Code: <aodb sidetitle="aoi">267257</aodb>
  • Include the item's name on the right side, and link it--either to itemsite or wiki page.
  • Example output, link to (sidetitle="aoi"): Dreadloch Tigress Dreadloch Tigress
  • Example output, link to wiki page of item's name (sidetitle="wiki"): Dreadloch Tigress Dreadloch Tigress

Text-Only/No Icon

  • Code: <aodb icon="false">267257</aodb>
  • If you're wanting only a link of the item to, and no image.
  • Example output: Dreadloch Tigress

Remove Link

  • Code: <aodb link="false">267257</aodb>
  • If you're wanting the icon to just be an image, and not go anywhere. Still includes item name on mouse-over.
  • Example output: Dreadloch Tigress


  • Code: <aodb inline="true">267257</aodb>
  • Allows you to put a link with tiny icon in a sentence.
  • Example output: Dreadloch Tigress 

Custom Tooltip

  • Code: <aodb tooltip="OMG OP MP Weapon">267257</aodb>
  • Allows you to change the tooltip/mouse-over text for the icon.
  • Example output: OMG OP MP Weapon

Reference icon ID

  • Code: <aodb id="icon">264841</aodb>
  • Use an icon's ID instead of an item's ID. This is a super niche feature, and 99% of the time is not needed, but available for that 1% of the time. You would need to locate the icon's ID and use that in place of the item's id.
  • Example output: 264841.gif