Aban Garden Key Quest

The Redeemed's stronghold in Nascence is the Aban Garden. Normally to access this garden you need to find Insignias of Aban off of dead monsters or Unredeemed, but this quest will net you an item that will allow you to enter the garden without an insignia. Both Neutral and Clan characters can make use of this quest.

Starting The Quest[edit]

Before you start this quest it is a very good idea to get 4 Insignias of Aban Insignia of Aban , to make traveling and doing the final portion of the quest easier.

The Quest is started with Donna Red. She is at [990, 1750] in Nascence Frontier, near Frontier Outskirts. /waypoint 990 1750 4310

If you go to her via the garden, you leave via the 'Frontier Outskirts' Statue. Go East a little way, and you'll see her.

To begin, talk to her. She'll give you (after much talking) an Ancient Device Ancient Device and a mission.

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There are now two ways to get to where you need to go, you can walk (dangerous and it's possible you'll fall off) or you can go via the garden.

If you go via the garden, you'll want to leave at the Passage to Silence. From here, walk NE, around the rock and then W.

You should find the Ecclesiast Aban Fala. He is at [1890, 690] of Silence. /waypoint 1890 690 4312

This man will ask you for the Ancient Device, simply give it to him. He returns it soon later and requests that you find him an insignia of Aban. If you collected at least 4 of the insignias like we suggested in the beginning, simply end the conversation with the Ecclesiast, start a new one, and give him the insignia. If you didn't do the prep work you will need to go find an insignia, which often times drop off of monsterous mobs around the area, when you get back give him the insignia. He will then request that you find someone else. This person is in the Garden, and is called the Sipius Aban Lux-Wei.

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The Garden of Aban[edit]

In the Garden, just run North-East from where you spawn in the garden, through the trees and up the ramp.

You will be asked to give him the device, do so, and you will get a reward, 7000 points of XP and 10000 credits. This will turn the Device into the Ancient Pattern Analyzer. Ask to activate the Analyzer, and he will let you. Then leave him be.

Now, you will have to Activate the Artifact, and bless 3 creatures using it. To activate it, use an Insignia of Aban upon it. It will turn into a Ancient Pattern Analyzer graced by the Faithful
Ancient Pattern Analyzer + Insignia of Aban = Ancient Pattern Analyzer graced by the Faithful


Frontier Bridge[edit]

Then, go to Frontier Bridge with your Pattern Analyzer. Simply run around now, when you see a Dreaming Silvertail with a blue name, go up and talk to it, select 'Cover her eyes with Ancient Device'. This will spark a change! Turning the Dreaming Silvertail into a Blessed Silvertail!.

Perform this action on two more Dreaming Silvertails. You will know when you've done three, as the device will turn back to normal. Return now to the Garden, and to the Sipius. He will ask to look at the device one last time, upon which you will get 462 XP and 800 Credits. Plus the Garden Key of Course.
Congratulations! You can now enter Aban's Garden all you want! Plus, you have a nice Treatment and First Aid Buffing item. Ok so it's only two, but it's better than nothing.

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The Key to the Garden of Aban Key to the Garden of Aban

Level: 25 or Above
NOT Omni.
Treatment: +2
First Aid: +2


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