Azure Reveries Armor

Azure Reveries Armor breastplate is an automatic drop from the mercenary Ian Warr and the brothers Lee at the Ace Camp; Warr will also drop a randomly chosen other piece of the armor. The brothers Lee will always drop a randomly chosen piece, and the sisters Johnson have a random chance of a random piece.

AO Stratics guide to this encounter, written before the expansions and unavailable at its former link, called it "the ultimate test in Anarchy online", and said of the Ace camp denizens, "You will not be able to survive 2 of them at once", and that each one is tougher than the dragon Tarasque.

Players from before the expansions are nostalgic about the mystique that surrounded the encounter and this armor. While the expansion sets have introduced arguably better armor sets, it might be best to avoid arguments by not asserting this loudly in a crowded area. Even now, play for free players may not find better.

Appearance and Features[edit]

Helmet of Azure Reveries
Breastplate of Azure Reveries
Sleeves of Azure Reveries Gloves of Azure Reveries Sleeves of Azure Reveries
Pants of Azure Reveries
Boots of Azure Reveries
ProjectileAC: 4300
MeleeAC: 4300
EnergyAC: 4350
FireAC: 4300
ColdAC: 4300
RadiationAC: 4350
ChemicalAC: 4300
PoisonAC: 4350
Strength: 8 Arms
Agility: 8 Boots
Intelligence: 8 Body
Sense: 8 Pants
Psychic: 8 Helm
Martial Arts: 8 Body
Melee Energy: 8 Pants
Fast Attack: 8 Gloves
Brawl: 8 Body
Dimach: 8 Body
Sneak Attack: 8 Gloves
Multi Melee: 16 Arms
Melee Init: 32 Arms
Physical Init: 32 Arms
Bow: 8 Gloves
Pistol: 8 Gloves
SMG: 8 Gloves
Shotgun: 8 Boots
Rifle: 8 Gloves
Assault Rifle: 8 Helm
Ranged Energy: 8 Pants
Fling Shot: 8 Boots
Burst: 8 Boots
Full Auto: 8 Boots
Aimed Shot: 8 Helm
Bow Special Attack: 8 Pants
Multi Ranged: 16 Gloves
Ranged Init: 32 Arms
Body and Defense
Duck Explosives: 16 Pants
Dodge Ranged: 16 Pants
Evade Close: 16 Pants
Riposte: 8 Body
Deflect: 8 Gloves
Trade and Repair
Mechanical Engineering: 16 Pants
Electrical Engineering: 16 Pants
Nano Programming: 12 Gloves
Computer Literacy: 8 Helm
Nano and Casting
Matter Metamorphosis: 8 Boots
Biological Metamorphosis: 8 Pants
Psychological Modifications: 8 Body
Matter Creation: 8 Gloves
Time and Space: 8 Arms
Sensory Improvement: 8 Helm
Nano Init: 32 Arm
Combat and Healing
First Aid: 16 Helm
Treatment: 8 Pants
Perception: 16 Helm
Run Speed: 60 Boots
Vehicle Air: 20 Boots
NCU Memory: 84 All
Nano Cost Modifier: -10
Max Health: 1450 All
Max Nano: 250 Helm
Map Navigation: 8

stat compared to Carbonum Armor


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