Version 0.2 (Alpha)
Project Leader Demoder
Contributors Graft, Vhab, Iriche
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Bot# (pronounced BotSharp) is a Chatbot for the game Anarchy Online. It's written fully in C#.NET, and is based on Vha.Net by Vhab. It is currently under development, and does not have any stable release as of 28. Oct 2011, and is therefore not considered ready for general use yet. There is a huge focus on making the plugin API easy to use and cover most common tasks, while still letting developers get their hands dirty with the raw details if they want to.


  • Output templates using AOXML, which is an XHTML-like markup language implemented to Vha.AOML by Graft and Vhab.
  • Instanced Design by using multiple BotCores where applicable
    • Plugins, settings, user databases, friendslist and so on are loaded per BotCore
    • Handles hundreds of bot characters per BotCore without problems
    • Multiple BotCores per process

Bot# is used where?[edit]

  • Websites
    • Dedicated to watching the Anarchy Online shopping channels
  • Public bots
    • Itemsbot: Provides an easy to use ingame interface for items search.


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