Dr.Curry - Word Search


The Linguistic Anthropologist asked you to go look for a book to get an idea of how the ancient written language of the Xan looks.

Some of the temple guardians keep a copy of their holy book on them at all times, and could be a possible way to get hold of a book for Dr. Curry.

Cash: 200000 credits
Experience: (Up to) 250000 XP.
Item reward:


Based on your faction you need to travel to the opposing factions temple in Lower Scheol. If your neutral you can go to either. You need top kill the guard located outside the temples. Neutrals can kill either guards for a book. Once you get the book, return to Dr.Curry - Linguistic Anthropologist at /waypoint 1089.0, 1137.9, 4881 to collect your reward.

Redeemed guards Or-Moda Taka (Orca) are located at /waypoint 646.8, 285.6, 4880
Drops The Word of Ocra The Word of Ocra

Unredeemed guards Cama-Eltah (Roch) are located at /waypoint 1625.0, 452.2, 4880
Drops The Word of Roch The Word of Roch

Tips: Keep an eye out for Ancient Insignia of Ocra Ancient Insignia of Ocra and Ancient Insignia of Roch Ancient Insignia of Roch. Also collect pocketboss patterns for Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu that you find. These items are used for the key quests and the pattern can be traded with other players.

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