Dr. Darnell - Pet hunt


Dr. Darnell, the Social Anthropologist, asked you to find a creature called Canine Mongrel that she believes live in the Halls of Scheol. She believes they might be related to what once were pets that the Xan kept.

Kill 3 Canine Mongrels
Bring corpse of a Canine Mongrel back to Dr. Darnell

Cash: 100000 credits
Experience: (Up to) 38 SK.

Note: No Time limit


  • Talk to Dr. Darnell and ask you want to know more about their daily life to get this mission
  • Travel to Halls of Scheol in Lower Scheol at /waypoint 867.4, 1279.6, 488
  • Return to Dr. Darnell /waypoint 306, 1111, 4881 and give her The Corpse of a Canine Mongrel
Canine Mongrel

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