Dyna Camp

Rare Aquaan Dyna Camp at 540, 660 in Omni Forest, Level 16. The green damage shield and large size are unmistakable marks of the Dyna Boss. 'Hierophant Esok the Deepbather' is an example of the title that is randomly determined when bosses spawn. Aquaans drop Miy's Armor; this Dyna drops QLs ~10-20 of the Melee and Ranged versions

For a list of Dyna Camps arranged by level, see Dyna Camps by level

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Dyna Bosses and their minions, added in Patch 14.5, offer a more dangerous and rewarding alternative to the scattered mobs that are the norm in Rubi-Ka

Dyna minions are lower level than the bosses and spawn quickly; this combined with their numbers and close proximity to each other makes them a fine leveling opportunity.

The bosses are more than advantageous, as they are the only source of some Rare Nanos. As might be expected, Dyna bosses of a species that is normally not aggressive will aggro on sight. Dyna minions of nonagressive species remain passive until they see an attack on another minion or the boss. There may be exceptions, which should be noted here.

Dyna Boss[edit]

Dyna Bosses, like Mission Bosses, are tougher than normal mobs their same level. The glowing outline that surrounds them not only looks like a Damage Shield, it is a damage shield, of a random type. Also randomly generated are the names for the Dyna Bosses.

A Spider Dyna Boss in Wailing Wastes. The minions behind it are lower level, and grey to the player, and thus do not join in the attack as is normal

Many items are found from Mission Bosses and Dyna Bosses only. Some are only found from Dyna Bosses. Low level, high powered weapons like the level-50-range Pump Trainee Shotgun (Auno) Cold Morning Icebreaker and Red Line Grenade Launcher (Auno), that drop only from Dyna Bosses, were introduced in Patch 14.9, and can be searched for on Auno accordingly. (AOItems)

Lists of Dyna Camps for a particular RK area can be found in the articles for that area.

If the Dyna Boss is lead away from the main pack, by a character with sufficient runspeed, it will eventually lose track, and remain where it was last able to see the character it was chasing. The Dyna minions will similarly lose characters and linger, but if a character comes back within their wide visual range (wider than their Aggro range), they will slowly make their way back to their original positions at the Dyna Camp.

While many Dyna Hunters profit well from the three Dynas at the two Hyena camps south of Duhndur, the remains of a less fortunate Rubi-Ka traveller speaks eloquently of the viciousness of these mutant hounds

The dichotomy in behaviour between the Boss and Minions, and the very fast spawning rate of the minions, can be used to level very quickly. The minions can be left at the camp more easily by a higher level character to whom the minions are grey. Either use a weak attack to get a grey Dyna boss to follow, or use proximity aggro to get a green boss to follow; leaving the boss behind will require high runspeed or a Yalmaha. It is good play style to lead the Dyna Boss only a short distance and/or an area with high visibility, as Dyna Camp Bosses are very valuable to other players. Note that a mob will give XP as long as the leveling team does more than 50% of the damage.

At some point, years ago, it became much more difficult to "snipe" a specific QL of item simply by picking the level of the Dyna Camp or the boss itself. Previously the boss had dropped the same QL of items as its own level, but the loot QL became randomized; it may now be many levels higher or lower than the boss's level. For all other purposes this may be quite advantageous: characters are given a chance of loot that is higher level than they are. But items only available in one or a limited range of QLs such as the Mass Relocating Robot or a Cold Morning Icebreaker will take longer to find.


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