Extraction (Omnis)


Escort a NPC out of a mission area in Bliss.


Rumor says some leaders of the clan factions would rather terminate a valuable clan member than pass on valuable information to the company. These people are living like prisoners. Your job is to extract a clan member and offer Omni-Tek citizenship. Expect high security.


As with all daily missions, completing Extraction will yield a substantial amount of xp, along with a number of tokens equivalent to successfully completing 2 whole individual missions.


Take a grid to Old Athens then go south to whompah to Bliss. Follow your compass marker and you will land up in a building filled with female Martial Artist-Bureaucrats. The mission mobs hit for approximately 400 to 600 damage, but give 200k xp per kill. You will realize that once you enter, you cannot exit out through the main entrance as it is "locked". The only exit out of the instance is through the south eastern wing of the building.

Start by clearing a path to this south eastern wing as it is the means of escape for your escort. The person you will have to escort out will be one of three randomised mobs: An engineer, a trader, or a pistolero adventurer. The engineer is by far the easiest to escort out as she is able to dish out the greatest amount of damage. The adventurer can keep up a comparable 1k DPS as well, while the trader will be the hardest to escort out, being the weakest. Proceed to check the south western wing for the engineer. If she is not there, go to the north western wing to check for the trader. In the case that neither the trader or engineer are in the western wings of the building, then the adventurer must reside at the north eastern wing.

In any case, talk to your escort and pass her your omni application form. She will return it to you and begin to proceed to the south eastern wing where the exit is located. At this point, the mission will spawn additional mobs to hinder your journey. In several rooms, you may find up to 3 mobs simultaneously attacking you and your escort. If you are unable to tank the damage, allow your escort to pick up aggro, as she will be able to hold off one or two mobs for a short period of time. Ensure that your escort does not die or you will have to restart the mission all over again! In the case that you fail the mission, re-enter the instance to reset the mission. All the mobs will respawn, and your escort will be randomized once more (you may not get the same profession escort standing in the same place as before). If you find the mission unreasonably difficult, you may restart the mission by exiting the instance and re-entering until you get the engineer escort. She is capable of almost making her way out entirely by herself.

Once the escort has reached the exit, she will stop just before leaving. Talk to her and you will get your mission completion status. BE CAREFUL NOT TO EXIT BEFORE YOU TALK TO HER OR YOU WILL HAVE TO REDO THE ENTIRE MISSION! You may choose to stay to finish off any remaining mobs, considering that they give a substantial amount of xp for the little squishy healthbars they have.

Difficulty: Below Average for Sloobs. Above average as a Froob.

Approximate time taken for run: About 15 minutes, assuming you do not wipe.

Player Requirement[edit]

Title Level 5 (150-174)