Go to Sector 35


Go to Sector 35

Deep in the Outzone, the alien menace spreads far and wide. Having set up shop in several various 'sectors', the Unicorn company has asked for the help of all Rubi-Ka citizens to aid in exterminating their threat.

In an attempt to draw attention to the cause, the Unicorn company has contracted the Agency to bring fresh blood to the various alien-infested sectors. To complete this mission, you must go to Sector 35 and assist the Unicorn Field Engineer. Look for anything unusual with the aliens that arrive. We believe they have some technology we haven't seen before. If you find anything unusual, return to us and deliver what you have found. The Agency will reimburse you for your efforts.


  • Get this mission after joining a raid team to assault to Sector 35
  • When you get this mission from the Alien Agency Handler, take the teleporter in his office to the alien playfield
  • Run down the ramp to the elevator nearby and enter the area.
  • Wait for the raid team to gather and then enter [[Sector 35}] when they are ready
  • The item you are looking for is Unexamined Alien Spongle Unexamined Alien Spongle dropped by mobs under the Ship where the boss mobs will spawn.
  • I have confirmed the medium sized mob "Ensign - Cha'Uri" drops it

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