Joint Clan Newcomers Armor

This is Newcomers Armor that has been modified into side-locked Joint Clans Newcomers Armor; it has a different look, but the functionality is exactly the same. It can be leveled with a left click while in inventory, level capped at the user's current level. Note that the icons below lead to a version of the armor that was at one time the maximum level of the armor.

The AO Items database only shows a Level 220 version, so for a look at the stats of the level 200 armor and how it compares with Carbonum Armor at its maximum level, as well as a comparison between the Newcomer's maximum level of 220 and max level Carb, see Newcomers Armor.

Appearance and Characteristics[edit]

Joint Clan Newcomer's Body Armor
Joint Clan Newcomer's Sleeves Joint Clan Newcomer's Gloves Joint Clan Newcomer's Sleeves
Joint Clan Newcomer's Pants
Joint Clan Newcomer's Boots
ProjectileAC: 275
MeleeAC: 275
EnergyAC: 165
FireAC: 275
ColdAC: 275
RadiationAC: 165
ChemicalAC: 165
PoisonAC: 165

Value compared to Carbonum Armor