Killing the Competition


Kill 3 notum miners in SBC-Xpm Site Alpha-Romeo 29 (PvP area).

Agency: Borealis

Player Level Requirement 10+


Killing the Competition

Omni-Tek is leasing the planet and legally controlling the notum mining, but we have worked hard to establish an almost-monopoly in illegal notum smuggling! Word is, some miners are challenging our market dominance, successfully mining notum in a secluded area on Rubi-Ka.

Find and kill at least 3 of the miners, and we will reward you with victory points.

Leave no witnesses alive!

The Smugglers' Lounge


  • Variable XP
  • Mission tokens
  • Victory points from loot and mission reward


The biggest challenge for the mission is finding the playfield. It is accessed from the battlestation waiting area. It also a PvP so watch out for other players. You can team up to share credit for the kills.

  • Request mission from John Smith. He is located in Borealis in the basement at the shop Antiques n'such
John Smith: Hey! Call me Johnnie...
You: You hand out missions, right?
John Smith: Maybe I do... Maybe I don't.. What have you heard?
You: What do you know about illegal notum smuggling?
John Smith: John Smith: Well, I'll tell ya this in... What's it called... Confidence. I hear some work real hard to maintain the upper hand in this biz... And I hear some are very displeased to see rogue notum miners challence their market dominance... And I know some would appreciate a liason with your kind of record...
You: Goodbye
  • Go to Battlestation, talk to Unicorn Coordinator Magnum Blaine and tell him Reporting for duty sir
  • You are then teleported to the observatory over looking the outside PvP playfield.
  • Look for a large map near the *south* window.
  • This map has multiple read dots which are teleport locations in the playfield. Click on a red dot on map to be telported to that location.
Note the map is the opposite of the playfield. Click on left side of map will teleport you to right of of playfield. Its the same with top and bottom side of the map as well.
  • Using the mini-map (CTRL + 6) look for red dots which are a miner
  • Kill three Rogue Notum Miners. They are all level 1. They are slow in spawning and killing other players may speed up the spawn process.
  • Take their loot Illegal Notum Chunk Illegal Notum Chunk and right click on it to earn additional Victory Points.
  • After killing three miners, return to John Smith to receive your mission reward which includes Victory Points.
  • To exit playfield, clicking on exit devices located on the ground in front of the observatory and elsewhere in the playfield. To leave the observatory room, click on exit device on the floor. It is near location. This exit will teleports you to the Alien Invasion portal location near ICC.
  • The quickest way to get back to Borealis is use the Battlestation device located next to you and go back to Battlestation and use its grid device to take the grid to Borealis.


Unicorn Coordinator Magnum Blaine
Teleport map
Rogue Notum Miner
Playfield Exit