Patch 13.6


Mission Changes[edit]

  • On certain settings (Bad/Money) you would occasionally get only two missions to choose from instead of five. This should now be fixed.

GUI Changes[edit]

  • A new help menu has been added. If you type /help you will now open a new window with an overview of all the different help menus available. Here, you will find information about the basics of the game, and how to use the different commands.

Item Changes[edit]

  • All Hacked Symbio-Grafts should now work.
  • Trimmers: The feedback in the chat window when using trimmers on robot pets has been corrected.
  • Added a new taunt item, Da Taunter!
  • All Omni-Med Uniform pieces should now give the bonus listed in the item description. Hellooooo Nurse!
  • Attack of the Snake should now work properly, even when the item has a Quality Level over 100.
  • "Rubi-Ka World Collectables" now use their proper icons.
  • Reflect Bracelets should now work. The reason they didn't work was a missing stat.
  • Tank Armours will no longer turn black/brown/worn after zoning - They will keep their original colours.
  • Auto Targeting Computers (for Ranged Weapon Tradeskills) were in the incorrect booth. They've been moved from the Melee parts booth to the Ranged booth. Lazy shopkeepers!
  • New deflection shields are available!
  • The damage type of the Stigma Rifle has been changed from projectile to poison, to reflect the description it has had all along, "The Stigma Rifle is a well-known rifle, as it is outlawed in most areas of the galaxy. It fires a small stream of poisonous gas, flaring up on impact."
  • Ring of Luck - Defensive now adds to your defensive skill (it added to offensive instead).
  • There are more kinds of backpacks now! -w00t!-
  • The "Kalinkalov Mz-99" had "brawl" as a requirement. We don't have support for brawling with ranged weapons, so we've removed "brawl" from this Assault Rifle.
  • The description on damage increasing items has been fixed. Previously it stated that this was a % increased, which was wrong. It is a straight increase, not a %. Be aware that this is not a nerf as the way the items operate has not changed in any manner, only the description of the item was fixed.

Chat Changes[edit]

    • From patch 13.6 there is support for Japanese characters and input methods in the in-game chat. First and foremost it supports Windows 98, 2k and XP.
    • This adds several new elements to the user interface for Japanese users.
    • There are two new hotkeys that are used to toggle between Japanese and English input.
    • To switch from English to Japanese, you hit CTRL-I. To toggle between Hiragana and Katakana conversion mode you hit CTRL-K.
    • There are some restrictions however:
      • In public channels (vicinity, shopping, seeking team, OOC clan, Omni, Neutral) you MUST tick the check box to be able to both receive and send Japanese messages. If you do NOT tick this box, which can be found in the Misc options menu, you will neither receive nor be able to send Japanese text messages. The reason for this is to avoid "spamming" to English speaking players who can't understand the character-set.
      • The Japanese channel only works within the playfield you're in, for further distances you must still use /tell. You cannot use Japanese characters in names
      • The font, which is used by the chat-window, is now user-configurable. This allows Japanese players to select a font that supports Japanese characters (the default font does NOT). As an added feature for all languages, it allows all players to change both the font and the font-size in the chat-window. The font can be configured from the settings-panel in the launcher.
      • NOTE: I.e. /tell, /me, /macro etc. must still be written in English, the message afterwards can be written in Japanese. If you are not allowed to write Japanese, you will receive an error message.
  • Chat will no longer be spammed when leaving the Grid.
  • You can now set the colours of chat channels in a text file (this only affects what you see)
  • Grid Terminals will now let you know when you do not meet the skill requirements.
  • You will now get an appropriate message when trying to trade with a character already in trade.

Nano Changes[edit]

  • Adjusted how NPCs react to "Healing over Time" nano programs. This change should make the life of Doctors a little easier.
  • It is now possible to upload the nano program "Aggressive Captivation."
  • Size problems with the Ruse of Taren lines have been fixed
  • Several Nano Programs with stunning effects did not work properly, they now do:
    • Curse of Chronos
    • Neural Stunner (NT)
    • Tight Embrace (BC)
    • Living Embalmment (BC)
    • Flash Coma (BC)
    • Confining Bonds (BC)
    • Chains of Iron (BC)
    • Death's Gaze (AG)
  • The stun segments of the following direct-damage nanos were also fixed:
    • Thunderous Blow (NT)
    • Furious Assault (NT)
    • Electrifying Containment (NT)
  • The "Thought Juggler" nano is now possible to execute.
  • Bureaucrat Fix: The remainder of the bureaucrat's speech nanos have been added.
  • Projectile Magnet nano program has been fixed: The crystal and nano had different skills and requirements.
  • Team Terrain Knowledge and Team Free Movement had a problem and now affect all members in the team as intended.
  • Team Skill Wrangler (Superior) didn't process the buff aspect at all, now it does.
  • Engineer: Trap Artifice will now stack with Crowbar Subtlety.
  • Personal Grid Beacon nano was missing the nano points cost stat.
  • The duration of Quivering Wreck was too short. It has now been set to 29 seconds.
  • Engineer's buff and debuff auras were in the same stacking line. This has been changed so that the engineer can have 1 buff and 1 debuff aura going at the same time.
  • The Martial Artist's controlled destruction nanos (Crash of Thunder, etc) no longer debuff nano skills for 2 minutes. They now debuff for 15 or 20 seconds. The recharge delay on these nanos was also reduced accordingly. They have also been drastically reduced in nano point cost and NCU requirements.

Playfield Changes[edit]

  • One new static dungeon: Camelot Castle!
  • Fixed a Reclaim Terminal in Andromeda.
  • Some trees in Clondyke were floating in mid-air. They are now firmly placed on the ground, as trees usually are.
  • Carbon rich rocks can now be found in certain playfields.
  • All mission dungeons in the "Brown Cave" style have been upgraded. This will improve pet pathing a great deal.
  • The exit points for Rome and Omni HQ have been switched in the Grid, to correspond better with the two cities' level range.
  • We have made the exit points in the Grid a bit smaller, to prevent players from triggering them accidentally.

General Changes[edit]

  • Fixed a number of spelling errors.
  • Slightly changed the way the stationary automated surgery clinic places the treatment buff on you. It now does this as a hostile nano (both so you cannot remove it manually and also so it does not take any NCU space). The effect still only lasts for 5 minutes, and is still removed when you zone. This was done to once and for all stop the ability to stack the treatment buff by cheating. The way it works has not changed in any other way.
  • Also fixed a bug where if you used the clinic with exactly 300 credits it wasn't working correctly.
  • Adventurers in Sabre Tooth and Wolf form can now go through doorways without a problem.
  • Large pets such as Slayerdroids can now fit through doorways.
  • We have had to increase the hitpoints on several NPCs that are meant for missions. These were giving too much experience compared to the risk involved.
  • Scooplets have been removed from missions.


Date: 08.02.02

  • You are now able to take apartment keys out of backpacks again.
  • Backpacks will now open and close as they should.
  • We have had to reduce the effect of the stun nanos, since these trivialized combat when used in a certain manner. NPCs will now have an increased resistance to the stun part of the nanos with both damage and stun effect. The pure stun formulas have had their recharge time increased. We apologize for this inconvenience.