Patch 13.8


General Changes[edit]

  • The PVP grace period now works as was originally intended. This means no more grid camping!
  • PvP Title will now update without the need for zoning, so you will see your new PvP title instantly.
  • Neutrals will now have PvP titles.
  • The reward for PvP has been changed. You will now be able to loot all items your opponent has gained since last saving, and you will receive a trophy if the person loses more than 10% of the experience needed to gain a level.
  • You will now be able to apply implants when wearing social armour.
  • You should get more "points" from each token at higher levels! This should now better reflect the time it takes to get the tokens at higher levels. Please do not see this as us "devaluating" your past accomplishments.
  • There is now a chance of getting a special token reward for killing sided monsters at medium high levels
  • You will now receive feedback when trying to use Brawl and Dimach before the recharge time has expired
  • Fixed a bug that caused locked chests to close again after they where opened.
  • Fixed a bug that caused models to become distorted when using certain levels of detail
  • Some mission descriptions were missing locations. These have now been fixed. Please note that there are still missions without locations, this is intended.
  • Your team members will no longer share the experience gained as a reward when completing a single player mission. All experience gained from killing mobs will still be shared.
  • Your faction will not appear as monster in the character creation any more.
  • You will no longer hear your own footsteps while flying with Quantum Wings.
  • We have added new static missions.

Launcher Changes[edit]

  • Added new background bitmaps in the launcher. NOTE: This means that if you are using a different skin on your launcher now, it will be overwritten. If you would like to keep it, please make a backup.

Item Changes[edit]

  • Fixed the "unique" stat. You can no longer have two "unique" items of the same type in your inventory. Unfortunately, this means that Engineers and Bureaucrats can only have one pet shell of the same kind in their inventory.
  • Some melee weapons displayed ammotype=0 in the description. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed the incorrect look of the higher quality level Kodaik vehicles.
  • The Biomech armour cloak will now fit in the correct clothing slot.
  • The Balanced Netgun now has the correct icon.
  • Purchased ammo will now stack with looted ammo.
  • The superior deflection shields from quality level 105 and up gave too much of an AC modification when used. We have now fixed the bug causing this, resulting in the modification being lowered.
  • Special arrows have been added to use with the Bow Special Attack skill. The Bow Special Attack requirement has been removed from all bows that had it. You will still need a bow to fire them, but the bow can be of any quality level. This should make this weapon more flexible.
  • Some armour textures got messed up after un-equipping a vehicle. This has now been fixed.
  • Most Martial Artist's Weapons (weapons that use Martial Arts as their main attack skill), have had their initiative type changed from Melee Initiative to Physical Initiative. This should make them more useful. Due to technical reasons we've not been able to change this on two weapons: They are the "Click Stabber" and the "Burning Crescent". All the possible "improved" versions of these weapons will use Physical Initiative, as they should.

Game world changes[edit]

  • Added a new dungeon: Smugglers Den!
  • The Treepine Hut in Pleasant Meadows now has 100% suppression gas inside.
  • There are a few changes to the borders around the Tir arena.
  • A few graphical glitches in Tir have been fixed
  • Two places where you could get stuck in Tir have been fixed.
  • We have added special shops for Fixers and Traders.
  • Some shops have been cleaned up. A few of them still had trade-skill items that we now have specific shops for.

Monster changes[edit]

  • NPC Nano Technicians have had several nano programs removed, since they made them too powerful.
  • Some NPCs did not have textures on their weapons. This has been fixed.
  • A certain large lizard has some new goodies.
  • Monster AC decreased. There was a bug in the AC of "human" monsters. They got their AC added twice. This has now been fixed, and should result in a decreased chance of hitting "minimum" damage only.
  • Ghasap's minions have had their spawn time increased.
  • Tarasque will now de-spawn if he is pulled to the 100 % suppression gas area of Camelot, and he will return to his platform when he no longer has any aggro.

Nano changes[edit]

  • The "Team Warp Time and Space" programs have had their descriptions changed. The team side requirement was missing.
  • All Taunt nanos now inflict a minor amount of damage and now work as they should.
  • False Profession Engineer and Bureaucrat nanos have had their descriptions changed to clarify their use.
  • We have decreased the duration of the Agent's Assume and Mimic line of nanos. The Assume line now lasts for 25 minutes and the Mimic line now lasts 20 minutes.
  • The DoT (Damage over Time) nano "Slime Cascade" will no longer occasionally heal the victim.
  • The following nanos were missing their nano point cost, and will now require the correct amount of nano to execute:
    • Total Focus (Soldier)
    • Limbo Mastery (Martial Artist)
    • Imaginary Distractions (Trader)
    • Mimic Profession: Nano Technician (Agent).
  • All stun nanos will now have their recharge time executed correctly.
  • It will no longer be possible to break Root nanos during a fight by executing hostile nanos on yourself.
  • The feedback has been reduced when Speech nanos are executed on you. You will no longer receive a message each time these nanos refresh.
  • Another size bug with Ruse of Taren has been fixed.
  • Armour summoned by Fixers should now go in the right slots.
  • Quantum Wings will no longer terminate when you zone.
  • Area effect nanos will no longer be non-resistible to anyone who wasn't the original target.

Martial Artist changes[edit]

  • The martial arts damage output has been increased! The "damage range" has been increased too, so the chance of doing minimum damage to monsters has decreased.
  • The martial arts critical have been increased quite a bit.
  • Blessed with Thunder has been modified slightly. The data for the DoT part of BwT has been changed to correspond with the damage it was actually inflicting - so, the complete damage has not been changed at all. The damage shield segment has been slightly changed and will result in it no longer being possible to stack this aspect of BwT.
  • Fixed the stun effect on the Bird of Prey special attack. Note: there is only a possibility of achieving a stun with this attack, it won't happen every time.
  • The animations when using special attacks have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where MAs stopped doing fist damage after zoning or buffing while wielding a weapon.

Fixer changes[edit]

  • The Area Burst special attack has been added. Please feel free to give feedback and suggestions on this item.


Date: 28.02.02

  • You will no longer do damage with your fist while you wield a weapon and have a martial arts skill above 120. The exception is if you use weapons that require a martial arts skill to wield. You will then do both fist and weapon damage as intended.
  • Fixed a client crash.
  • The agg/def slider will no longer move after zoning.
  • Mobs killed by NPCs will no longer be possible to loot.
  • Increased Martial Arts damage output.
  • Decreased the AC on certain humanoid monsters.


Date: 06.03.02.

  • Fixed a bug where you did fist damage while using certain weapons.
  • Mobs have had their use of nano programs decreased. We have fixed a bug causing them to "chain cast" therefore reducing the chance of encountering "chain casting" NPCs.


Date: 20.03.02

  • Both mission and bravery tokens have been made unique. This means that you may only have one of these in your possession at any time. IMPORTANT NOTE; if you have tokens in your inventory at this time, you need to upload these before you can get a new one.
  • Chest loot in missions has been changed. There should now be a larger variety of items dropped.
  • Ash Andersen in Smugglers' Den no longer has any assignments to give, this is due to some players not fulfilling the mission to his liking...