Patch 14.0


Team Missions[edit]

  • We are proud to present the new team mission system! In addition to the familiar rooms and layouts with monsters, traps and treasures, team missions contain multiple dungeon and house levels. When you play a team mission, the NPCs are somewhat tougher than what you've become used to, the chance of finding loot and goodies is higher... and there will be more monsters! Also, the monsters tend to help each other out more - they are likely to come streaming through open doors to fry you when their friends get in trouble.
  • And best of all, at the very end is a boss room with a tough boss! This boss will do whatever he can to stop you from getting the item, killing your target or whatever you set out to do, but the chance of a boss dropping rare loot (i.e. nano crystals or instruction disks not found in shops) is higher!
  • There are some special requirements you need to know about.
    • First: All players who want to join a team mission have to be present in the same playfield.
    • Second: Only team members who are present when the mission is created will receive a team mission icon, and a reward. If you join the team later, you can get into the mission area using the key duplicator, as with solo missions - but you will get no reward.
    • Third: Only team members who are present in the team mission dungeon / house when completing the mission will earn a token, XP reward, or a cash / item reward. If your body is in limbo, being reconstructed after a death or the like, your mission keeper receives it instead.
  • All team members who complete the mission will earn a token, XP reward, and a cash / item reward! However, the same rules apply for earning a token as in single player missions. The more mobs you kill, the greater the chance of receiving one. Be careful - the boss is tough! Even though the system allows two-member teams to get a team mission, the likelihood of completing a mission increases with team size. Aim for 5-6 members in your team, for the greatest reward and amount of fun. And if the going gets too easy, just crank up the difficulty slider for the next mission - that's what it's there for. =)
  • Good luck...

Patcher Changes[edit]

  • Better routines for downloading files. The patcher should no longer stop receiving data when downloading the patches.

Launcher Changes[edit]

  • Added the possibility to select skin-file
  • Will now download the patcher if it's missing.
  • Anarchy Online now supports user-created "skins". The original skin-files are located in "cd_image\textures\archives\GUIGFX.UVG*", and should not be modified. If you want to use another skin than the original, place the (custom) skin-files in another directory (for instance "cd_image\textures\archives\TerminalSkin\") and select the skin-file in the launcher (click "Settings" button, and then click "Select Skin-file"). If data is missing from the custom skin, AO will read that data from the original skin-file. If you overwrite the original skin-file with a custom skin, the launcher will detect this and download the original skin-file. This means that those of you who have replaced the original skin-files with custom skins will get the "corrupted files" message, and the original skin will be downloaded in its place.

Playfield Changes[edit]

  • Moved existing Banks and Cell Scanners in The City of Home, and added some new ones. The Grid entrance and exit has received a new location on one of the piers, and the Tools and Trade-skill shops have been moved a bit as well.
  • Removed a gap where players could get stuck in The Rising Sun.
  • Music is now being played in the bar "Dancing Atrox" in Omni-Forest.
  • There have been signs added in the Character Creation room, to explain the basics of starting a new character.
  • Added a mesh so NPCs and players can no longer get stuck in The City of Home.
  • Fixed several floating objects in various playfields.
  • Fixed a spot where you could get stuck in 4 Holes.
  • Players should no longer get stuck in Neleb’s quarter in Steps of Madness.
  • The zone borders between Athen Shire and Aegan have been aligned; you will now end up at the correct spot after zoning.
  • Fixed some re-spawn locations in Newland that where misplaced compared to the placement of the insurance terminals.
  • Removed a black square in front of the entrance to Smugglers’ Den and Camelot.
  • The Grid terminal in Meetmedere has had its Computer Literacy requirement reduced to 90.

Chat and Interface Changes[edit]

  • Pet chat will now show master's name in addition to pet name.
  • A /list command is added to list other players in a playfield. If you wish to bypass this function, you can use the /anon command. Check out /help list for more details.
  • The info view can now be resized. Drag the window from the bottom right corner (Where the mouse changes to a diagonal arrow...)
  • Fixed a text-writing bug that sometimes caused text to be cut off.
  • When doing missions, you will now receive feedback on the chance of earning a token.

Item Changes[edit]

  • Several high quality level weapons did not have their dual wield requirements displayed in the info view. This has now been fixed. No actual changes to the requirements have been done. The only difference is that they are displayed properly.

Monster Changes[edit]

  • A certain large lizard has learnt a few new tricks.
  • The slayerdroid T.I.M. in BIOMARE is now treated as a boss monster, so his corpse won't decay as quickly.
  • Warning: Do not attack Iziris Agathon anymore. She now has a very vicious bite.

Combat Changes[edit]

  • We have made it harder to dodge Special Arrows (fired with Bow Special Attack). The same applies for Cluster Bullets (Fixer Special Attack). The latter has also become a more useful attack. The amount of bullets per stack is increased, the price is reduced, and the recycle time is now 20 seconds instead of 90. In addition, it now locks a different skill than Burst.
  • Critical hits will now generate their own combat messages.
  • Mongo Smash was not adding the correct amount of hate in the area taunt when used (it was wrongly using the Mongo Slam hate). It will now be much more effective.
  • Martial Artist "fist" nanos now change the type of damage inflicted (Fist of Fire causes the MA to do fire damage, etc)
  • Fixed a bug with the martial arts attacks using the wrong initiative. It now correctly uses Physical Prowess Initiative.

Organisation changes[edit]

  • Voting is now implemented for organisations. After your organisation leader has started the session, you will be informed in chat. You will not be able to see your alternatives for voting until you use the /org vote info-command.
/org startvote "should we have a party?" 10 1:Yes 2:No 3:Maby
/org vote info (to gain knowledge about current vote in progress, or last finished voting)
If you want more information about voting in organisations, use the /org help-command.

Other Changes[edit]

  • The way texture quality is set has been modified. There is now one setting for texture resolution, common both for ground and other textures. Also, the colour resolution (16- or 32-bit) has been extended with mixed 16/32-bit mode that improves quality of transparent and self illuminated textures.
  • The game is now compatible with full screen antialiasing supported by newer graphics cards.
  • The quality of compressed textures on Geforce cards has been improved
  • It is now possible to alt-tab from AO running in full screen mode. This did not work with all graphics cards earlier.
  • More in-game help added. Access it by using the new HELP button. Click on it twice to get general help, or click it once and then select the view you want more info on.
  • Introduced better text feedback when using the Concealment skill.
  • It should now be easier to see how many charges there are left in items in the hot key bar.
  • Pets will no longer lose their buffs when zoning.
  • Jumping indoors is now limited by the height of the ceiling, and also depends on the height of the character. Still everybody will always be able to jump at least 0.5 meters indoors.
  • Fixed a bug where implants that increased body development did not affect the total amount of hit points.
  • A check box now appears when you use a Form item to change sides. This to prevent players from doing this accidentally and losing their tokens.
  • Added a visual sign to surgery clinics.

Trade Skill Changes[edit]

  • Added a trade skill process for making normal arrows.
  • “Nano wires” are now available in the trade skill departments.


Date: 17.04.02

  • Fixed a bug where Team Mission keys would overwrite other items. This happened if you had a full inventory while receiving a new mission.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to using a Meta-Physicist nano program.
  • Added Rome Blue, West Athen and Borealis as startup cities.


Date: 02.05.02

  • Splintered Test Bone and Rough Club: These items were never intended to be available to players. They are seriously bugged and easily exploitable. We have now removed them from the game, and they have been deleted from the inventory of all players who had them. We apologize for this, but it had to be done.
  • Server side compression: Made some changes to improve server performance and reduced the game's use of band-width.
  • Beacon Warp: Some "creative" players found a way to get into Character Creation and the GM playfield by using this nano. That should no longer be possible.