Patch 14.6


A new NPC chat[edit]

  • The new NPC chat interface is designed to make the NPCs in Anarchy Online more accessible and to make conversations with them easy and enjoyable. The new interface is 100% point-and-click; the player is given a choice between several pre-defined questions, and can click on the question he wants to pose to the NPC.
  • The player can also initiate trade with an NPC through the NPC Chat Interface, as well as receive and complete missions.

A new character creation[edit]

  • The character creation has been split into two sections and is now a part of the game immersion and the overall storyline.
  • It begins with a journey to the Morning Star space station which is in orbit around Rubi-Ka, and your character arrives there as a fresh colonist. You get a more detailed and clear idea about what the choices you make for your character mean, and it is easy to compare the differences between the breeds and all the appearance possibilities. The profession selection has been drastically improved. The essence of each profession is more clearly described, both visually and textually, and it is easier and more enjoyable to compare the professions.
  • Your journey continues as you leave the space station and enter the second part of the character creation – the Arrival Hall in the spaceport of Omni-1. Its purpose is to enable you to make a fully conscious choice of which side you choose to align yourself with in the conflict on Rubi-Ka. Like before, you have to maneuver your character physically through one of the three exit doors to make your choice. The dilemma up until now has been that it is hard to convey the depth of the conflict on Rubi-Ka without taking part in it, and before you could do that you have had to choose a side. So this is solved by numerous characters in the Arrival Hall that you can have your character talk to before making up your mind. These characters reflect the views of the three sides from many different perspectives.

Item changes[edit]

  • Due to a bug in 14.0, some weapons would use the wrong initiative type. This applied to the following weapons:
    • BBI Faithful
    • Nova Flow Mark I
    • Arwen MO-404 Grenade Launcher
    • HSR Explorer 661
    • M-1 Bipower A
    • MTI - Russian Good Day
    • Manex Catastrophe
    • Collins IX Bio-Energy Rifle
    • Netgun
    • Schuyler Bow
  • They have now got the correct initiative type - and a couple of them have been slightly upgraded.
  • The "BBI Ranged Restraint Carbine (Joith Gun)" used to execute a root program, but it never worked the way it was intended. We have removed the program from the weapon, and compensated by giving it far more damage. The gun still only exists at levels 1-20.
  • The Childhood Memory teddy bear that dropped as part of last year's Halloween event can now be wielded as a weapon so they are visible to other players. Be aware that these teddy bears will never drop again, so treasure them like the cute fluffy bears of yesterday they are!
  • Two items, the "NCU Robot Reed" and the item "Reinforced NCU Component Belt" used to be bugged. They were of high quality level, but were equippable by very low-level players, giving a big boost to NCU and the number of NCU slots available. The items have been fixed, so that they are now only equippable at the intended level. Low-level players already wearing these items will drop them to inventory when moving.
  • The Yalmahas will now be of quality level "special".
  • The Queen Blade has been boosted in power to make it more effective.
  • Fixed an exploitable problem with the Bonehammer weapon. Also, the damage of this weapon has been upgraded, making it a more viable 2-handed blunt weapon for its level.
  • Graft and Organic Armour can now be improved trough trade skills.
  • The clan basic merit board will now be sold in the start-up shops along with the Omni-Tek basic merit board.
  • We found some inconsistencies in the type of initiative used with bows. We have now fixed the existing bows and crossbows, and the following should be the overall rule: - All weapons with "Bow" as primary attack skill will depend on Physical Initiative. - All Bow-type weapons using "Rifle" as primary attack skill will depend on Ranged Init. The latter applies to crossbows. As part of the process we have changed the main attack skill on certain crossbows that used "bow". They will now all use "rifle" instead. Most bows and crossbows have had their damage improved, and some have also got additional skill modifiers. In addition we have lowered the equip-time on some bows. - It has been mentioned before, but again: Only Bows using "Bow" as their main attack skill will be able to fire Special Arrows. This means no crossbows can fire them.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with the "Flak Flowers" armour, it buffed one AC type two times.
  • Fixed the "Lokas Web Cloak". Earlier it had different ability requirements at different quality levels, it will now have Intelligence and Psychic as requirements on all levels. For a Psychic/Stamina cloak, look for the "Marcus Divaad Web Cloak".
  • Deimos' Bio-Enhanced Feedback Rifle incorrectly had Assault Rifle as the defensive skill. This has been fixed, and the defensive skill is now Dodge.
  • Fixed a bug with the Slayer droid Sentinel shell. It will now stay in your inventory instead of timing out after 30 sec.
  • We have made some adjustment to the Cloaking Device. It now has a mild level requirement to wear, and it gives a bonus to your Perception skill.
  • We are introducing Grenades as throwing weapons. These can be used simultaneously with other weapons - for increased damage output.
  • Fixed the clan 1000 token merit board. When you right click on it, you will now correctly get the feedback of how many tokens you have collected, and the floating shoulder lapels will be displayed.
  • The forms for changing side can now be used by level 200 characters.
  • The Wen-Wen now works like the clickable special attacks do...
  • Frederickson Micro Kinetic Sleeves have had their wear requirements adjusted.
  • The AGG/DEF component buff of Flurry of Blows and Eye of the Hunter have been reduced. People experienced the extreme AGG/DEF buffing as negative because many had hard-capped the speed of the weapons. This meant that only the negative (increased chance of being critted on and being hit by hostiles) was applied.

Nano changes[edit]

  • Fixed a description error in the Meta Physicist nano line Instill. It now correctly displays the added damage bonus.
  • Fixed the name of the Engineer nano Team Beacon Warp so you can now see it’s the team version.
  • Fixed an error in the nano Weapon Enhancement. It will now buff fire damage as well.
  • Fixed a problem with the Superior Omni-Med Enhancement nano. It said that it needed 55 NCU to use but only used 45 NCU. The description now says the latter.
  • Changed the description in the Adventure nano line Soothing Breeze so it matches the combat message received when casting at a fighting monster.
  • Fixed the doctor nano Repulsor to buff Nano Resistance instead of Disease AC.
  • Changed the icons on the damage AC nano line. The buff icon will now be the same as the nano icon.
  • The Bureaucrat nano crystal Anger Addlement was missing the sensory improvement requirement. This has now been added.
  • Changed the icon for Blizzard of Red Tape. It now uses the snare icon instead of the root icon.

Monster changes[edit]

  • All outdoor monsters will now give more experience when killed.
  • The evade skills for the outdoor glowing bosses were too high, making them very difficult to hit at higher levels. Their evades have been lowered.
  • All pet profession monsters (Engineers, Meta Physicist and Bureaucrat) over level 10 will now spawn a pet as part of their defence when attacked. They will randomly spawn one that is close to them in level. These profession monsters have been very predictable and "boring" so far. This will make them more in line with what it would mean to meet them in PvP - some challenge basically...
  • Commander Jocasta in Cyborg Barracks now has a chance of dropping the Immortal Katana.
  • Blaster beetles will no longer appear in ACG dungeons.
  • Cyborgs will now drop some unique loot.
  • Monsters will now have an NCU limit, just like players.
  • All NPCs above level 250 have been comprehensively rebalanced in favour of the players. Since their introduction, they have proven to be harder then intended for even the most skilled people.

World changes[edit]

  • A new dungeon called "Condemned Subway" has been added. This dungeon is aimed at low-level players.
  • New shops for towers and vehicles are being set up on Rubi-Ka. These are not completely finished for opening, but you might want to have a look anyway.
  • Some of the spawns in the big outdoor camps have been adjusted.
  • The insurance terminal at Stolts Trading Post should now resurrect you at the correct location.

Enforcer changes[edit]

  • A change to the Enforcer's Challenger line has been made. This line of nanos will no longer directly buff your weapons skills - instead it will buff your attack rating. This change was required in order to give enforcers their new long-duration buff lines - without changing the Challenger line to remove skill buffing, Enforcers would not have been able to get these new buffs. The nano shutdown from using the Challenger line has been shortened from 2 minutes to 20 or 15 seconds, depending on the level of the Challenger used (higher level Challengers have the shorter shutdown time).
  • Enforcers have got some new nanos. These nano lines will compensate for the changed Challenger line.
  • Bristling Guard now correctly buffs ShieldFireAC. It was incorrectly buffing ShieldNanoAC, which has no effect.
  • Changed the description on the Enforcer Rage nano line.
  • A new taunt item is available for Enforcers. Rumour says the cyborgs invented it.

Soldier changes[edit]

  • New nano lines for the soldier have been made. The soldier will be able to buff Assault rifle, Shotgun, LR energy, burst and full auto.
  • Changed the recharge time of the Total Mirror Shield nano line from 20 sec to 5 sec.
  • Fixed a bug with the Soldier nano One-More-Hit healing. It will now do Radiation damage rather then unknown damage.

Nano-Technicians changes[edit]

  • Nano-Technicians have received two nano programming buffs.

Trader changes[edit]

  • Traders can now make something new - for themselves.

Doctor changes[edit]

  • Fixed Gargantuan Health. It should correctly heal current health, and no longer mess up the health bar.
  • The Rampant Decay damage-over-time nano was incorrectly ticking every 6 seconds. This has been fixed and it now ticks every 3 seconds, as it should.

Martial Artist changes[edit]

  • All Martial-Art special attacks have been revamped.
    • They now spawn up to level 300 (you will not be able to use the highest level ones yet!)
    • They have had their damage somewhat modified – all to the better, with the exception of Shen.
    • Shen damage over time has been changed. It was always meant to be 20dmg at level 100 and 100dmg at level 200. Now, due to a bug in code (which was fixed in 14.5) all new Shen DOTs become 20 as they were meant to be. To compensate for this, we are somewhat upping the damage. Unfortunately it will still be inferior the old Shens.
    • They should now all work as intended. (No self-damage etc.)
    • One has a new icon…
    • Yeah, and all normal descriptions have been removed and replaced with stunt-poetry.
  • Changed the name of the Martial Artist nano Subconscious Guiding to Subconscious Guidance to match the name of the nano crystal.
  • A new bow is available. (Agents might want to have a look at it too..)

Fixer changes[edit]

  • When characters of the Fixer profession request missions, the treasures in the mission building will have an added richness (higher quality level). The bonus size is related to the "breaking and entering" skill, ranging from 5 to 15%.

Adventurer changes[edit]

  • The nano crystal for Cyclic Coat of Barbs can now be found in the Adventurer nano shops. The other "Cyclic" nanos will be available later, through other means.

PvP changes[edit]

  • PvP score calculation now works correctly for teamed individuals. Either combatant being in a team has no effect on the PvP rating changes.
  • A time back we halved the damage output of nanos and weapons in pvp. We realise there is still work to be done in this area, as PvP fights are still way too quick. Thus we have halved the chance of you getting a critical in PvP. This will shift the balance in disfavour of the professions having a high critical chance, primarily the Agent and the Martial Artist. Our mission statement is still to push, push and push the PvP balance towards longer lasting fights - that include more tactical skill! Today the only skill needed is getting the highest damage weapon and the highest critical chance... That was never our intention.

Trade skill changes[edit]

  • The cost of making Special Arrows has been reduced to about 1/3rd of its former price.
  • The coffee machine has been fixed.

General changes[edit]

  • The size of the target's health bar will reflect how many hit-points the target has in total. More hit-points will lead to a wider health bar.
  • Your organisation name is now showing over your character's head, just like the nickname. It's possible to turn this feature on/off in options->misc. It's on by default. In connection with this, we have added a name filter to organisation names. Existing organisation names that violate the rules will be automatically changed in the future.
  • We have after some consideration decided to rebalance the Atrox and the Nano breed. The Atrox will get 1 more hit-point per skill point in Body Development, and the Nano one more nano-point per skill in Nano Energy Pool.
  • We have added a range check for picking locks. You now have to be close to the lock you wish to pick, as intended.
  • We have improved the feedback regarding the state of the hostile nano programs you have running on your enemies. You will now get a message when your hostile nano has expired on your target
  • We have changed the way XP is handed out when one person in your team picks a lock or disarms a bomb. Earlier only that individual would get XP for doing this - in the future the whole team will get XP for it.
  • We have improved the feedback you get when reloading a weapon.
  • There was a maximum range limit on how far you could be from another player, and still being able to hide from him. The old range was 7 meters, we have now increased it to 40.
  • You will now get a warning if you join a team in which you are unable to get XP due to an existing team member being of a higher level than you.
  • You can no longer drop containers in apartments. This option was removed due to its exploitable nature.
  • Characters who were stranded or had camped in the old character creation have now been deleted.
  • Pressing Esc when the "tip-box" is up, now only closes the box and does not de-select your current target.
  • The POD in npc info view has been removed. A text states how hard the mob is to kill. Level of the monster is shown if not way higher than yours. Info about the aggressiveness of the monster is also shown.
  • Continuous level of detail is removed as an option from the launcher. The feature did not resolve in a higher frame-rate.
  • The "Create Mission" GUI has been removed, as it did not have a function in the game today.
  • Organisation bank is enabled again.
  • We have removed the possibility of having multiple uniques by using the trade view.
  • It will no longer be possible to have several unique items in the bank.
  • Team damage will now be calculated differently. We had to do this to prevent an exploit where low level players would team with a high level player, and gain way too much experience.
  • A team only loot message has been added.

General bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a crash-bug with ATI Radeon 9700. The crash only happened if you chose window mode while in 32 bit desktop mode.
  • Receiving team heals and buffs will no longer reveal you if you are in sneak mode.
  • Fixed a size bug that occurred when un-equipping a Yalmaha.
  • Your weapons will now be correctly displayed when you are wearing a battle suit.
  • We have fixed a problem with the synchronisation between server and client. It would sometimes cause special attacks to appear to be ready before they actually were.
  • Healing pets will no longer give any negative feedback when commanded to heal a target they are already healing. Instead they will give the same feedback as they give when accepting a new heal target. If you tell your heal pet to heal someone other than its current heal target, the pet will first finish its current list of heals before switching to the new target. Earlier it would just refuse to switch targets.
  • Fixed a client bug that would make you unable to press buttons if your frame rate was low (around 3 fps or less).
  • Under the stats menu the attack stat was not modified when wearing an AMS-modifier and fighting with fists. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where your Yalmaha would continue to be greyed out when taken from your wear-view to your inventory.
  • Fixed a bug with the inventory system, where items would seem to vanish when moving no-drop items to trade-view.
  • You no longer take damage from your own reflect shield when setting off a trapped chest.
  • When having a full inventory and taking off an NCU belt, the items in the deck slots will no longer fall to the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where your special attack would become unavailable when you switched two weapons of the same type.
  • There were a couple of instances where some bureaucrat and engineer pet shells would create a pet that had a level different than the shell. The pet created from the shell should now always be of the same level as the shell.
  • Fixed a visual error where players would slide above ground.
  • Fixed some inconsistency that sometimes occurred when using health- or nano kits. In some cases you would get a message saying that the kits were available for use, but you'd still be unable to use them.
  • Fixers will no longer be hit by their own damage shield when using cluster bullets.
  • Fixed a bug with some weapons that instantly recycled special attacks. They will now follow the general recycle rules.
  • Fixed a bug with the /pet hunt command. It now works as intended again.
  • You can no longer buy several unique items of the same type from stores.
  • Getting rooted while jumping will no longer remove your ability to jump after the root program wears off.
  • Fixed a synchronisation problem between server and client, that caused ammunition to be counted wrong.
  • The MTI Defender now looks the way it should. It had a visual bug.
  • The double animation of attacks has been removed. Note that due to the way this is fixed, you will no longer see other players attacking unless their attacks hit.
  • Hacked Booster-Grafts have been changed to always work, instead of having only a percentage chance of working. Due to this, the skill requirements on hacked Booster-Grafts are now the same as for non-hacked versions.
  • Loot windows will now close properly when you zone.
  • Fixer a range problem with "Da Taunter". It will now use the same rules as weapon ranges.
  • Fixed a bug with uploading the map for Three Craters that could result in the loss of other maps.
  • The requirements for equipping a Modified Aggression Enhancer have been corrected. The item can now be worn.
  • Bureaucrat implant shops now contain full sets of implants. Eye and feet implants were missing.
  • DOTs will now do correct damage in PVP.
  • Fixed several combinations of implants and clusters that were impossible to assemble.
  • Fixed different locations on Rubi-Ka where players could get stuck.
  • Repaired some broken trade skill processes.
  • Fixed several spelling errors.


Date: 07.11.02

  • A bug with critical hit chances has been fixed.
  • The level of NPC pets has been reduced with approximately 30%. Note that the pets’ levels will still vary quite a bit, so you risk getting some tough ones now and then.
  • Alvin will again talk to neutral characters.


Date: 08.11.02

  • Selling a Unique item should now properly enable you to pick up a new one of the same type.
  • Inventory shuffling, and resetting of the AGG/DEF bar and other settings, has been removed.
  • Mobs should no longer hit you after they’re dead.
  • A crash related to turning off "show all names" has been resolved.
  • A Unique item stored in a bag which is being moved from your bank to your inventory will be returned to the bank if you already have such a Unique item in your inventory. The message explaining this was missing in 14.6.0.
  • Mission keys are no longer Unique.
  • High Commander Brock now correctly returns the Commander of Tir Ring after inspecting it.
  • All map items now give you the correct map when uploaded.
  • Fixed Bird of Prey - somewhat. A bit of history from Gaute:
    • The Martial Art's special attack was broken. You could use a QL 200 bird of prey at around level 50-80, as the use requirements were only 250(!!) at QL 200. This was of course very broken. When we changed BoP, we set the damage up from an average of 350 (at QL 200) to 500 flat. (Remember also this damage now ignores AC - thus becoming even more powerful!)
    • When we added QL 300 BoPs we could NOT have the same broken requirements, because the damage goes up very much! The Bird of Prey also has a 30% chance of stunning the opponent at QL 200 - that is very powerful. All goes in favour of making BoP working in a more predictable manner.
    • Anyways - we have made the QL 200 get 750 and not 950 in Martial Arts use requirements. We are NOT going back to making it 250, though. I am sorry for this inconvenience, but getting a lower level bird of prey should be relatively ok.


Date: 13.11.02

  • NPCs using pets have been further tweaked; the NPC will no longer spawn pets above their own level, and never above level 150. In addition, NPCs will no longer use their pets unless confronted by more than one player character.
  • Fixed a bug with closing the overflow window while it contained a Unique. You will no longer be blocked from obtaining a new Unique of the type that was in the window.
  • You can no longer loot your corpse, but will have to wait for your items to appear in the reclaim booth.
  • A resurrection point in Rome has been moved out of the city wall.
  • A crash related to team mission bosses has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug making Odis Mady stop talking when asked a specific question.
  • A problem with initiating a conversation with some aggressive "partners" in the second Fixer Grid mission has been solved.