Patch 14.7[edit]

GUI changes[edit]

  • Shop prices above 10 millions will now show as "xM" in the shop, where M means million. E.g. a price of 123 456 789 will display as "123M". The price will still be displayed fully in the info window (shift + left click on the icon) and in the cash slots in the trade window.
  • You will now get a pop up box asking you to confirm when you use the /terminate command.
  • Getting blinded (e.g. by nanos) now effectively turns the action window black, and the effect can’t be removed in the settings. In addition, Low Light Targeting Scope will no longer have the bright light visual effect.

Game system changes[edit]

  • Recharge timers are now affected by modified initiative skill, not just base initiative skill.
  • At very high initiative ratings (1200+), initiative skills will now have less effect on attack, recharge and nano execution timers per skill point. The effect of points above 1200 will be a third of a point below 1200.
  • If a pet’s master leaves the PvP area while the pet is fighting with another player, the pet will stop fighting and enter follow mode.
  • There’s now a delay after a mob dies before you get XP and looting rights. This is intended. You are still able to start a new attack during this time. The delay is related to the bug fix (in 14.6.1) to prevent mobs from hitting after they have died.
  • The free-for-all PvP limit has been moved from level 75 to level 150.

World changes[edit]

  • The Sentinels have taken control of Tir, and Omni-Tek employees will be shot on sight. Neutrals should be warned that some Sentinel officers are not too fond of fence-sitters either.
  • Tir Grid terminal moved to outside the south gate of Tir, and Omni-1 Trade Grid terminal moved to the north side of the playfield. New Grid terminals placed in Old Athen and Borealis.
  • The bank terminal near the middle of Omni-1 Trade has been removed.
  • Due to more people joining in on the notum extraction, certain powerful individuals have lost some of their power, and have been tweaked somewhat.
  • Several items to get rid of enemy nano programs (e.g. root and snare) running in your NCU have been added.
  • Sentinels and Omni-AF armour now available.
  • A merchant has set up a trade in special melee weapons. He’s no city dweller, so you might have to look around for him.
  • The new tower and vehicle shops are now operational, but you need the booster pack to be able to trade with them.
  • NanoCrystal (Edge of the Buccaneer) is now available in Enforcer nano program shops.
  • The Nano Programming buffs for Nano Technicians are now available, as outdoor camp boss loot.
  • HSR Hedgehog 23 Throwing Grenades are now available in Advanced and Superior shops.

Nano Changes[edit]

  • Engineers, Bureaucrats and Meta-Physicists have received pet buffs which increase the pets’ attack rating. Each of these professions has their own nano line for this.
  • There has been a change to the way root, snare and mesmerise programs work (note that only the pure mesmerise nanos were changed, while the adventurer versions did not change).
    • 1. The chance of a root or snare being broken has been reduced. For snares, this reduction is a dramatic one (the chances of breaking a snare through a normal attack are typically under 10%). This affects the programs being broken by normal attacks, by nano-damage attacks, and by debuffs. The chance that the root or snare will be broken by a debuff is now under 10% (and gets close to 0% for the highest level versions). Some professions’ programs are harder to break than others’.
    • 2. Nano Technician and Bureaucrat mesmerise programs now have a chance that they will not be broken by debuffs (they still break 100% of the time when any damage is inflicted, however). Low level mesmerise will still be broken by debuffs often, but the highest level versions will rarely, if ever, be broken just by a debuff.
    • 3. To allow mesmerise nanos to be somewhat useful in PvP they will now also debuff the initiatives of the target at the same time. Of course, if the mesmerise is broken by an attack, the initiative debuff will go away at the same time.
    • 4. To make it so that low level roots, snares and mesmerise programs cannot be used effectively on high level players or monsters, the level of the target is now used in the defensive rolls of these nanos. You will now have to use a higher-level version to be able to land the nano effectively on a high level player/monster. To slightly counteract this addition, the amount of Nano Resist used in the defensive calculations was reduced by 10%.
  • Several lines of programs for battling roots and snares have been added. The professions gaining these are Agent, Bureaucrat, Fixer, Nano Technician and Trader. Bureaucrats, Engineers and Meta Physicists also get such programs for use on their pets only.
  • Hitting yourself with an offensive nano program to remove hostile nano programs from your NCU no longer works.

Bug fixes[edit]

  • The visual bug where you appear to stand up when using e.g. a treatment lab has been fixed.
  • New characters will now enter the arrival hall with full health and nano pool.
  • "Map - Newland City and Desert" can now be used even if you have one of the maps uploaded.
  • May Fly Grenades will now retain their correct quality level when primed (readied for use).
  • CAS Symbiotic Armour Helmet now correctly uses Stamina and Strength as requirements, like the rest of the armour set.
  • Right Wrist implants now have their old, correct icons back, and no longer look a lot like eye implants.
  • Boosted Hellfury Assault Cannon has had its Burst requirement corrected to a more reasonable level (was above 6000 at QL 200).
  • Cloaking Devices no longer damage you after you have taken them off.
  • Your attack rating now updates properly in the Stats Window.
  • You should now be able to jump as normal in all indoors playfields.
  • Having a Unique item force-moved to your bank from a backpack no longer shuffles your bank.
  • A corpse will no longer become impossible to loot when a member leaves the team during the fight.
  • The Rider Signet Ring now applies its bonuses properly.
  • Hacked Booster-Grafts with Agent nano programs no longer have Agent profession requirements.
  • Modified Aggression Enhancer now checks correctly for its Psychology requirement.


  • Because of PvP abuse, the execution time on the “other” version (e.g. "Sparrow Flight (Other)") of the reet morphing nano programs has been increased a lot.
  • The adventurers have received a new root/snare resist line of nano programs.


  • Speeches will now give the first pulse on execution instead of waiting 20 seconds.
  • Charmed mobs now feel an intense hatred towards their former master, and are very likely to attack as soon as they are released.


  • Doctors have received a new deprive/ransack resist line of nano programs.


  • Auras will now give the first pulse on execution instead of waiting 20 seconds.
  • Enemies blinded with a blind aura will now have a black cloud effect around their head, allowing you to see who’s affected.
  • Added a new line of nano programs that you can cast on your pet. The nano will send out a pulse and will snare opponents close to the pet.
  • Added a new snare/root resist line that you can cast on you pet.
  • Added a new defensive nano line. The engineer will be able to cast a nano that will protect him from a number of special attacks.

Martial Artist[edit]

  • Added a new Martial Arts special attack, called "Upon a Wave of Summer", existing at QL50-300. It uses riposte as main skill. It clears all Same QL snares and roots, and has a chance to stun the opponent. You will get a Run Speed and Nano Resist boost for ten seconds to either close with the opponent, or run away. It also snares the opponent up to 20 meters away.

Nano Technicians[edit]

  • Added new PvP direct damage nano programs that are designed specifically to take out Fixers in Grid Armour.


  • Added a two new hostile nanos. As long as the target has one of these nanos running, it can’t be healed with "Complete Healing" or "Invocation of the Phoenix".[edit]

Date: 25.11.02

  • Apartments will no longer delete all items stored inside them.
  • A server crash bug has been repaired.
  • Looting ammo from chests will now place the stack in your inventory, not in the chest.
  • Very Light Tank Armour of QLs 50 to 100 now has correct data.
  • Cyborg Implants and Cyborg Death Squad Armour of QLs 1 to 100 now have correct data.
  • The correct guards have been placed in Tir. They will now act as proper guards, i.e. give no XP or loot when killed.
  • Some of the new Engineer nano programs now correctly use Matter Metamorphosis, not Biological Metamorphosis.
  • Supply Master Smug and Supply Master Eel will now hand out the rewards for the services you carry out for them.
  • The high level bosses now choose their attacks best suited for the combat situation. This makes them tougher, so beware![edit]

Date 28.11.02

  • The Nano Resistance buff on the "Upon a Wave of Summer" Martial Arts attack has been increased.
  • Neutral characters are now able to initiate PvP combat in 25% suppression gas areas.
  • New "disgrace" period when leaving PvP land control areas
    • When leaving a PvP land control area after your grace period (1 minute in land control areas) you will enter a "disgrace period" of 1 minute, or until you zone, or enter a new PvP area.
    • During this time you retain the attack status of the gas level you left, but only to those in a PvP area, or also in a disgrace period. If you e.g. left a 0% suppression gas area, all others can attack you during the disgrace period, as long as they are inside a PvP area, or in the disgrace period themselves.
  • Omni-Armed Forces Helmet is now no-drop, like the rest of the armour set.
  • Fleeing mobs will now regenerate as if they were in combat, not as if they were resting.
  • The Longshot rifle will now attack against the proper defense skill.[edit]

Date: 04.12.02

General Changes[edit]

  • You will now be notified if you run out of ammo while fighting.
  • Unless you have enabled your account for The Notum Wars, the map window (ctrl + 6) will no longer show a green grid when you do not have the proper map uploaded.
  • A few NPCs that became unintentionally "wimpy" as a result of the Notum Wars, have regained some of what they lost.
  • A change has been made to the Mongo line of nanos, to prevent the heal-over-time component being refreshed upon zoning (which is not intended). Two nanos will now be placed on you when you cast a Mongo, one containing the heal-over-time component - this new second nano will not take up any NCU space.
  • The three new engineer team-based special attack absorber nanos were incorrectly marked as being area-based instead of team-based as intended. They have been fixed to correctly only buff members of the engineer's team.
  • Fixed a problem with nano program time reduction items. This problem would sometimes lead to these items adding time to the unfriendly nano instead of deducting it.
  • Complete Heal and Invocation of the Phoenix no longer require the target to have 1 NCU free.
  • Characters being PvP enabled anywhere (shown with ** on each side of their name) will now not be attackable by their own side in 100%, 75% and 25% suppression areas. In addition, normal PvP level limits will now apply for them.
  • Several description errors (missing stats) for nano program effects have been fixed.
  • You will no longer get a message that you lost XP when actually gaining XP. This was an error in the side bonus XP between server and client, and was only a visual bug.
  • Your character animation will no longer freeze when sitting down and getting up again.
  • Fixed a visual error with cloaking devices and sunglasses.

Land control[edit]

  • The build menu for towers will now include whether the area is enabled for land control or not.
  • The help system has been updated with information on organization advantages. This info has also been added to the description text on the advantages.
  • The description of the Personal Grid Converter has been improved to better match the actual use.
  • Located a bug allowing people to stack several advantages of the same type. This has been fixed, and you will now only be able to have one advantage of each type.
  • Deleting your own organization's controller will result in a three hour period where you can't build a new one in the same area. The reason for this "harsh" measure is the "borderline exploit" where people rebuild their controller time and time again to keep the area in a continual 100% suppression.


  • Loading of rooms you've already visited has been improved, and moving between rooms in indoor areas should now be smoother.
  • A lag issue has been solved. This might help reduce the "server lost" disconnections people have been experiencing more of lately.
  • The workaround for Kyro graphics cards are no longer needed. We have implemented code that validates the cards' rendering capabilities properly. You can now undo the workaround by putting the ground slider back to "Automatic" and you will not have any lower quality than the card can handle.[edit]

Game-play changes[edit]

  • The merit boards now contain more information about what the benefits of the next level will be. The merit boards have also been adjusted to reflect more accurately the current values for the players. The NanoDamage buff has been removed, as this is no longer used.

Land control changes and tweaks[edit]

  • All land control towers have had their HP increased by 12% to 15%. The damage shield on the controller has been increased. Its value reflects the QL of the controller and the number of standing towers in the area. Controllers will also regain HP slightly faster depending on the number of standing towers.
  • We have decided to restrict the positive influence of healing and buffing of lower and higher level players after the Shield Disabler Item has been used. In LC areas, after this has happened, when you are PvP enabled (after Grace) you will no longer be able to heal or buff people outside your PvP attack range.

World changes[edit]

  • New dungeon: Will To Fight. Geared towards PvP game-play. The dungeon contains three tunnels that come together in a central cave. The cave is called "Gnuff's Lair" after the creature that lives there. Gnuff has a crystal with special powers... Entrance to the new dungeon is in the old mining outpost east of Last Ditch in Stret West Bank.
  • Hats and glasses! Rubi-Ka is a desert planet. The days can get hot and sunny, while nights can get real chilly. A cloak, perhaps one of the new hats or a pair of sunglasses are types of gear you can wear to protect you against the climate.
  • We've made organisation advantage items and tower building components more available at the lowest and highest levels, by making them available at
    • Any level between 10-50
    • Fixed levels between 50 – 200
    • Any level between 200-250.

Bug fixes[edit]

  • The map to Wailing Waste has now been added to the Map - Athen Shire. This new map "Map - Full Athen Shire" is found in the shops.
  • Certain NPCs were susceptible to fear. This has now been fixed.
  • We have made a fix to the "black doors" problem some of you have experienced in mission dungeons. This should prevent you from getting stuck.
  • Teams that have one or more clan member will now have clan alignment, and those having one or more Omni-Tek member will be counted as Omni. This should allow teams with neutral members to still get missions suited for the team. If it contains both Omni-Tek and clan members, the team will be considered neutral.[edit]

Date: 12.12.02

  • A bug where towers would have wrong title level requirements has been fixed.
  • The top Omni-Tek Award Boards, Flags of Glory and Redemption, now correctly add 950 to max health and nano pool.
  • Zoftig Blimp has received some immunity abilities, to allow him to carry out his trade in peace.[edit]

Date: 16.12.02

  • We have made another fix to the "black door" issue that should prevent you from getting stuck in mission dungeons. You will still experience warping when your client is out of sync with the server, but this should only happen on rare occasions. You may still see black doors, but the quick server update will make you able to continue exploration within seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not paint a Yalmaha below quality level 130.
  • The exit point of the Tir Grid has been moved away from the city gates.[edit]

World Changes[edit]

  • New dungeon: Temple of Three Winds, aimed at players at level 60 and below. (The high level dungeon Inner Sanctum has been delayed.)
  • Tir Grid Terminal has now been moved to where you exit the grid.
  • Tir County Mission Terminals and Bank Terminals have been removed from the Tir gate area.
  • There are some new mission terminals in Tir County just south of Tir.
  • The Shop of Fortune has been removed from shops.
  • Added bank terminals to several shops.
  • Removed some bank terminals from several cities.
  • Neutrals have hired mercenaries loosely affiliated with Omni-Tek to protect Newland City from the Clans.

Monster and NPC Changes[edit]

  • Many high level monsters (levels 245+) have had their Nano Resist decreased, dramatically in some cases. Nano-Technicians did not do much good against many of these monsters, and that was not the intention.
  • Sirocco now gives part 2 of Fixer Grid mission to players of the required level.
  • Supply Master Eel has received another shipment of armour from Omni-Engineering.
  • The good Dr. Henrik Stevenson has new equipment in stock.
  • A new monster has set up camp in the training grounds.

Item Changes[edit]

  • All health, recharge and first-aid kits (plus virus scanners etc) can now be split and stacked again. You split with ctrl-left click - use ctrl-shift-left click to split many. Note, you can not stack items of different quality levels.
  • The burnt-out armour-effects from the Hellfury and Hellspinner weapons no longer stack with each other. The Hellspinner effect is more powerful, and will replace the Hellfury effect if it is present.
  • Fixed a bug with Omni Armed Forces armour and Superior Sentinel armour. They are now modifying the "life" stat instead of the "health" stat.
  • Added more suitable icons to the "Modernised ICC Cloaks".
  • Removed profession requirements on some Hacked Pills and Blister Packs.
  • Fixed the icon of the Deformed Mantidae Tarsus.
  • Fixed a problem with a couple of the Meta-Physicist's 2-handed Creation weapons that were allowing them to be dual-wieldable.
  • Upon a Wave of Summer now does 1 hp in damage so that the monsters it is used on will aggro. The effects of the buffs will also last longer.
  • The Wen-Wen now has a fixed range. Earlier it had no range set, and could be used to pull monsters from an indefinite distance. That was never the intention.
  • Fixed the inventory icon of the "Basic Right Hand Implant - Refined" item (sometimes the "Right Hand Implant" icon was used).
  • The May Fly Throwing Grenade is now working as intended.

Nano Changes[edit]

  • There was a problem with the Boil Blood nano where the original target was not being affected by the damage-over-time. This has been fixed, and the original target will now be affected (as will other enemies in the area).
  • Beacon Warp and Team Beacon Warp have been placed into their own nano line.

Land control and tower changes[edit]

  • The Feeble Service Tower now obeys your commands as it should.
  • Level restrictions on buffing and healing in land control combat no longer apply to pets.
  • Pets can no longer attack towers without consequences for the master.
  • The towers now reports to the organization tower channel when; they are first attacked, when they hit 75%,50% and 25% health, and when they are destroyed.

General Changes[edit]

  • Canceling a trade with your main inventory full will open up the overflow window.
  • The shopping, seeking team and OOC chat channels will now be available in shops and dungeons. The channels you will hear in the shops and dungeons will be those from the last outdoor or city playfield you were on before you entered the shop or dungeon.
  • In some situations guild advantages would disappear from the contract view. This problem has been fixed.
  • You can no longer level by trade skills alone. Trade skill processes will still give the same amount of XP, but never give you the last few XPs needed to gain a new level.
  • Customer Service will now perform name changes via /name. Changes will happen while you character is offline and once we have approved the name change. You do not need to wait in the game for a /name request to be approved.
    • All characters can change first and last names, but only those of level 20 or below can change nickname. This name change system is not available on Die Neue Welt. For more information on how this works please type /name help in the game.[edit]

Game system Changes[edit]

  • Path-finding functionality has been given a thorough quality upgrade. The player "/follow" command is still as it was, but a quality upgrade will be added later. The changes made to path-finding will be visible to players in the following ways:
    • Pets and NPCs will find better paths toward their movement-target, be it in follow or attack mode.
    • Pets and NPCs will be less stuck in geometry.
    • Pets and NPCs will jump in order to avoid furniture that blocks their path.
    • Pets will be less likely to fall off bridges and narrow ledges.
    • Pets and NPCs will understand if they get really stuck and use another path.
    • Pets and NPCs will use more balanced time to get to their target due to less need for teleporting.
    • Pets and NPCs will always move to a place with line of sight to their target before attacking.
    • Client and server will have more synchronized pet and NPC positions than earlier.
    • NPCs will in most cases be able to attack across low furniture.
    • Movement with pets through indoor areas will be possible to do faster. NPCs will however also be smarter when following you.
    • The "invisible NPC" situation is improved.
  • Organisation problem with elections solved. This should help the leaders who repeatedly get removed from their own organisation when offline.
  • When leaving an organisation, your towers should now be properly removed.

NPC changes[edit]

  • Some creatures in all training grounds likely to be in possession of armour pieces (be it by wearing them or having swallowed them) now have a fair chance of dropping some of those.
  • A new vendor - the Secondhand Peddler - has set up shop in the Training grounds.
  • We have decided to significantly increase the XP from killing all NPCs of levels 201 and up to make them more attractive prey. Happy hunting!
  • Hermit Sho-Li will now give out his bonus reward to all Martial Artists completing a mission for him. Others will still get the XP and cash.

World changes[edit]

  • Reclaim Terminals removed from training grounds.
  • The newbie shop in the training grounds has been cleaned up. If you miss any items you could find there earlier you can go talk to the Secondhand Peddler about it.
  • A change has been made to the Temple of Three Winds. If you are over level 70 and are warped into the dungeon, during the 30 seconds before you are kicked out, you will be stunned. This is to fix a problem where certain high level players were entering the dungeon and killing monsters in the period before they were ejected.

Trade skill changes[edit]

  • Given the proper tool it's now possible to transform a Notum Nugget into a Notum Fragment.
  • The alternative way of making several plate armour types has now been activated.

Technical changes[edit]

  • Text should now be rendered properly with nVIDIA 40.72 drivers under Win98 and WinME, and no longer be "blocky".
  • We have implemented a system for sending disconnection info to us when the game client re-connects to the game servers. You will get a pop-up box about this the first time you start the game.