Patch 15.8


Alien Invasion Changes[edit]

  • Outzone Raid Playfields: The Unicorn company have discovered that the invading Aliens have set up a base on the planets surface itself, they are urging citizens to help them repel these forces
    • Release Article can be found here
  • Player Shops: The ICC have now begun issuing licenses for privately owned shops rented at organisation cities, find your nearest organisation Market place for details or check one of the conveniently located search stations around Rubi-Ka to search the contents of all the privately owned stores on the planet.
    • Release Article can be found here
  • Aliens have had their healing abilities toned down somewhat.
  • Some of the Alien nukes have been scaled back, in particular at levels below 190.
  • Some tweaks have been made to the graphics effects used by Alien NPCs. This should improve frame rates during Alien raids.
  • The Disk of Cloudy Crystal works properly in tradeskills now.
  • The process for making the Pulsing Biotech Rod Ring should now work properly.
  • The Nunchaku’s that showed as a skull box should now have the correct mesh and texture.
  • Combat Knowledge now has minus instead of plus in skilllockmodifier as it should.

Shadowlands Changes[edit]

  • Some of the later Pocket bosses used in the Inferno key quest have had their health significantly reduced.
  • Xark will now offer a way out for those skilled enough to take him down.
  • You should now be able to use the "Passage to Chronos Canyon" from Garden of Enel.
  • The Engineer Widowmaker pet has been boosted.
  • MP Shadowlands pets have been tweaked upwards to better scale.
  • The unique flag has been removed from all Symbiants.
  • The unique flag has been removed from all Spirits.
  • Exterminator Ocular Symbiant can be equipped now.
  • Fixed the inventory icon for the Lord of Angst.
  • Power bolt should now scale correctly above 2k skill.
  • Grid Armor and the Defensive Stance line now give the correct feedback messages when trying to wear them.

AO Classic / General Changes[edit]

  • Made some improvements to the chat code that should resolve the backspace crash issue some users have experienced.
  • Icons should now correctly disappear from NCU when zoning to Shadowlands if the nano does not work there.
  • Fixed spelling and grammar errors on several items.
  • Fixed mission locations that were spawning underground in Milky Way, the moles responsible have been fed to the Hollow Island eremites.
  • Fixed various floating trees and objects around Rubi-Ka.
  • The issue with the team window displaying incorrect HP totals should now be resolved
  • Highlighting of selected team members in the team window should work correctly again.
  • Pets should now remember to tell their masters what they are getting up to more often.
  • Dialogue in the Alvin/Dodga Quest fixed so that you now get the card correctly again.
  • The buffs provided for killing the Hollow Island eremite bosses should be working again.
  • Changed Eco Red's breed to solitus.
  • The Obsidian Jar should now drop in Inner Sanctum as intended.
  • Grasping Ring is no longer considered social armor.
  • Reduced the spawn time on several unique mobs on Rubi-Ka.


  • Fixed some client side crash bugs


  • Changed the way that the gates in the new Alien playfields work. The Unicorn Gatekeeper will now spawn a portal when he opens the gate every seven hours. This portal can then be used to teleport into the playfields.


Alien Invasion Changes[edit]

  • The Unicorn Gatekeeper should now spawn the portals at the correct time outside of the laser gates. NOTE: As the portals should now spawn outside the gates, the gates themselves remain active while the portal is up so don’t get too close to them!
  • The playfield nano on the new alien playfields should now only send you to the staging area if you are in one of the new playfields when it terminates after five hours
  • The Unicorn Healing towers should now be immune to calms
  • The exits from the alien playfields should now have a visible indicator
  • The gates in the Rookie Alien Hunter mission should now open and close correctly
  • Tweaked the level of some of the aliens in the Rookie Alien Hunter mission
  • The new Omni token board should now be awarded by the NPC correctly
  • Fixed an org city location that was in 25% gas
  • The floating Org Markets should now be firmly rooted to the ground
  • Increased the limit on items returned by shop searches to 25
  • Players now enter then Rookie Alien Hunter mission at the far end of the canyon next to the Rookie in order to prevent anyone ‘breaking’ the encounter by triggering his dialogue before the raid force is past all the gates.
  • The Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics Upgrade now works as it should

Shadowlands Changes[edit]

  • Shadowlands pets now remember their expansion flags so they can be buffed with expansion buffs.
  • Calia’s form: Parrot should be castable in the Shadowlands again and provide the buffs. NOTE: This nano was previously incorrectly flagging players as a vehicle when cast, this has now been removed so it is a straight buffing nano

General / Classic Changes[edit]

  • The Ragebringer nano should now do the correct damage rather then healing on execution
  • Team missions should now update correctly again if the team disbands or changes
  • Taraseque should be spawning on its 9hr cycle again


Alien Invasion Changes

  • Fixed an issue where alien ship encounters were getting the ‘are you using an old mission key’ bug
  • Tweaked the agro range on the Rookie Alien Hunter so he shouldn’t train raid parties so much!
  • Firmly rooted another couple of floating Market houses


  • Code and server changes to introduce the infrastructure for the Massive Advertising systems.
  • Some optimization improvements have been made to the server code.


  • Resolved an issue with client slow down on Windows 9X platforms when activating the new advertising