Patch 17.3

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The Pink Unicorns appeared after the 17.3.1 patch in May of 2007. This bug occured because of an error in the mesh for some of the unicorn guards. Since the mesh didn't show, it showed the base model, which is pink.

Patch Notes[edit]

17.3 Update Series

Version 17.3.1

  • Streamlined the quest flow in Albtraum
o You should no longer need to reset the playfield to continue the quest
o The Yuttos will clear the path to the mini bosses for you somewhat should the zone be fully populated when you activate that stage of the quest
  • Extended possible looting distance back.
  • Corrected the issue where some mobs and objects were not targetable correctly due to small bounding boxes
  • Corrected the issue with flying or floating objects having a bounding box that extended to the ground.
  • The NPC at the plastic surgery clinic will now mention the correct price.
  • Resolved some issues where the camera would drift in 3rd person lock mode.
  • The Show Target's Target option will now save correctly.
  • The Jobe IPR item should now be available in the Jobe Hardware Dimension shop.
  • The Improved and Masterpiece Ancient Manual Aiming Aids should now correctly list Martial Artists as being able to use them.
  • Added the correct Psychic bonus to the Masterpiece Ancient Bracer.

Version 17.3

  • New Shadowlands Team instanced playfield: High level players can now access a special new playfield in Inferno
o Playfield is instanced to your specific team
o A Quest series will give players a series of repeatable goals inside the playfield.
o Three separate types of bosses, mini-bosses during the quest chain, a final boss encounter as well as a series of spawnable pocket bosses
o New quest and monster loot to be found inside the playfield.
o You can find more information on the playfield here
  • Single IPR points can now be purchased from the OFAB vendor for 50,000 VP or from Jobe for credits (NOTE: price in credits will vary depending on your computer literacy skill)
  • The Unicorns are interested in speaking to anyone who has secured the Alien Invasion plans from Sector 42
  • New OFAB Vendor items
o New profession rings
o New Martial Arts attacks
o New Bureaucrat calm nanos aimed for use in boss encounters
o New Bureaucrat pet buff nanos
o New Doctor DoT nanos
o New Soldier HoT Blocker nano
o New MP pet buff nanos
o New Engineer pet buff nanos
  • Carlo Pinetti's contract has been renegotiated to be more flexible.
  • Added an extra confirmation for trades with other players.
  • Reduced cost of plastic surgery clinic to 25 million credits.
  • Bank terminal added to player market buildings.
  • Players will now exit the battlestation near the terminal from which they signed up.
  • Tweaked the difficulty on some of the Rubi-Ka military bosses.
  • Engineers Offensive Aura Line should now include Cold ACs correctly instead of chemical ACs twice.
  • Pets in modes except /pet hunt will again finish their current fight before despawning after their timer expires.
  • The Cripple perk ability should now be correctly affected by having the Numb perk running.
  • Increased the amount by which the Engineer Miniaturization nanos will shrink their pets.
  • Fixed some personal research actions that were incorrectly causing a long recast timer when inits were debuffed.
  • The team version of Calia's Form: Sabertooth now gives the correct 56 fire damage modifier.
  • Kyudo and Greater Kyudo should now stack with general and composite nanos.
  • Amended description of level of the Nano Crystal for Enfraam's Triple to match the nano correctly.
  • added Poison damage & Cold damage to the Borrow reflect nano.
  • adjusted the way side bonus is displayed in chat when XP is capped.
  • Added feedback to the person promoting org members.
  • Client should now Update AMS on client correctly when leaving a mech.
  • Client should now Update stats window correctly when entering or leaving a mech.
  • Channelling of Notum is no longer hostile so it will no longer proc looping service or be resisted by friendly targets or received by enemy targets.
  • Reduced cast time on Shadowlands bind and recall nanos
  • Health should no longer update incorrectly visually on the client when zoning
  • The donations to the Newland Militia have been received and they now have access to alien weapons.
  • Doctor nanos Viral Neurotoxin and Entropic Sores now have the correct corresponding level use requirements.
  • Using an MMR (Improve Thrusting Weapon) on the Jagged Claw will no longer consume the MMR.
  • Quest keys should now be deleted correctly when a quest is removed (solved/deleted).
  • Players head should no longer disappear for Opifex male characters with the MP wing items
  • /anon should now work while in a mech.
  • The Pelisse of the Elyssian Nymph should now drop again. The drop rate has also been increased slightly.
  • The White Dryad is now visible again.
  • Vanward Four realized that he gave meta-physicists an incorrect reward and now offers a new item, both to new and previous helpers.
  • New option to see your target's target visually in the GUI (this can be activated from the F10 menu)
  • The description of NCU Booster now displays the level locks on targets for the perk effect.
  • Level 1 of NCU Booster should now show the correct icon in your NCU.
  • Targeting with the mouse cursor now uses bounding boxes (=should be easier to click overlapping stuff). Targeting small objects near/under big objects requires you to click several times to cycle through objects under your mouse to the one you want.
  • Wearing boots with can be worn with social no longer disables social armor on zone.
  • Right wrist Arul saba bracelet should now correctly give 120 Max health and 53 additional fire damage
  • Increased Psychic on level locked SL pets to prevent charming out of pvp level range.
  • Defensive Procs will no longer fire on self actions (i.e. nuking yourself)
  • Pet attack / heal buttons should now update correctly when pets comes inand out of range.
  • Clan superior stores should now have a Superior Bookstore instead of an advanced one.
  • Character view distance slider now displays the value of the settings in meters.
  • Fixed issue where the GUI would not always properly show the red overlay for over-equipped items.
  • You should no longer get an incorrect error message when attempting to choose an invalid nickname.
  • Fixed some vendor terminals that allowed opposing faction players to access.
  • Fixed spelling error in Viral Targeting Subunit description.
  • Fixed spelling errors in predator armor items.
  • Fixed Spelling errors in some tower descriptions.
  • Fixed Spelling error in the Ring of Nucleus Basalis.
  • Fixed Spelling error in Keeper Keeper's Virtue personal research line.