Patch 18.3

18.3 Preliminary Update Notes[edit]

The Mail System[edit]

  • Reclaim terminals are now mail terminals. Reclaim is now /reclaim.
  • Free Accounts can not send mail, but can receive. Froobs can buy sending abilities (one time fee).
  • Inbox size is 30 mails. If inbox is full, you can not receive more mail.
  • Standard delivery: 2000 credits, 30-35 minutes.
  • Express delivery: 200000 credits, 2-7 minutes.
  • Rate limit is one mail per minute.
  • Minimum credit amount to send is 4000 credits.
  • Can not send nodrops, backpacks or temporary items.
  • COD fee is 5% + normal send fee.
  • COD mail will return after the timeout period (2days) and stay in your inbox for 2 days after that.
  • Normal mail timeout is 14 days.
  • Any mail that times out will be deleted and items/credits will be lost (will not be reimbursed).
  • Mail can not be deleted unless all attachments are taken.
  • Right click in friends window when inbox is open to send mail to a friend.
  • A big icon will appear when you have new mail. The icon can be moved.

Sector 10 Changes[edit]

  • Bosses are now spawned using a pocketboss system using parts looted in the playfield from regular aliens.
  • Health of some aliens has been decreased.
  • Alien Regeneration Conduits have been adjusted.
  • Bonus AXP has been added to repeatable missions.
  • Mini-map improved to better show the playfield structure during night and day cycles.

Other Changes[edit]

  • Mercenary Bosses should no longer summon. Further updates to this area will be in the next update.
  • Various Reload issues should no longer occur.
  • LOX instances: Mitaar Hero, Vortexx and Elder Hall no longer require complete LOX mission lines for access.
  • Chain death should now function correctly for Neutral players.
  • The Grind Nightclub is now permanently open. Speaking with the bouncer is no longer necessary for entrance.
  • The Grind VIP item should no longer vanish when used incorrectly.
  • Visual issue with multiple hotbars becoming active should no longer occur.

18.3.1 Update Release Notes[edit]

Christmas is here! This year's Christmas fun will be running to the 5th of January.

  • 12 Days of Christmas Questline offering many exciting new unique rewards.
  • Christmas Edition Phasefront Hoverboard added to the Paid Points Vendor.

Other Changes:[edit]

  • Amazing new music created by popular artist **Ayria** added to "The Grind" Nightclub.
  • Veteran Leet Nano can no longer be used on the Battle Station.
  • Victory Points cost reduced for Victory Tokens and more when bought in larger amounts.
  • Engineer Mines should no longer be placeable in the Decontamination Room.
  • Reload button should no longer disappear after un-equipping one ammo-using gun out of two.
  • Mercenary Camp Bosses should now be able to path out of their arena.
  • Mail Terminal added to luxurary orbital apartments.
  • Priest Fontain should now update the *Soulbound Information* quest properly

LoX Loot Table Changes[edit]

  • Technomaster Sinuh's loot table adjusted to be similar to Vortexx loot table.
  • Deranged Xan's loot table adjusted to encourage larger teams.

Token Gun Quest Changes[edit]

  • Quests/NPC Dialogue Streamlined to minimize user errors.
  • 3rd "tokengun" now gives token. Tower reward coming in the future.
  • DCSD's no longer nodrop or unique for safer trading.
  • Respawn time shortened on Quest NPCs to minimize waiting time.

Sector 10 Bosses Loot Table Changes[edit]

  • Viral Bots and S10 Tradeskill items should now be restored to the previous drop rate. Really this time.

18.3.2 Update Release Notes[edit]

New Content[edit]

The Collector Instance:

A new, and very challenging, single-team instance has been added to the entrance of Pandemonium. Who will be first to tackle these three very difficult encounters? Who will be the first to steal from the ultimate collection of hidden treasures?

Bring your very best and try to survive the most difficult small-group experience we have ever released.

The Daily Mission System:

The new Daily Mission System is now available. The first Daily Missions in this first release are available for Rubi-Ka only and will offer players of all levels an alternative and effective way to progress with significant rewards including XP, Victory Points, and Tokens. Daily Missions are available from sided agencies in Old Athens, Rome Blue and daily PvP Mission in a hidden location in Borealis.

NPC Changes[edit]

  • NPCs falling off the land in Shadowlands will now properly return to their spawn points.
  • Alien Pathing and landing sites for many, many cities have been modified and improved.
  • SAM Batteries are now subject to normal player damage and have reduced health values.
  • Unicorns near Borealis will no longer abandon their posts to harass low level players inside Borealis.
  • Euminedes has retreated deeper into the Abandoned Subway.
  • Subway bosses should now have faster respawn.

Item/Nano Changes[edit]

  • Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material should no longer be NoDrop.
  • Stiletto Yalm orientation has been corrected for easier flying.
  • Grand Theft Humidity and Borrow Reflect have been significantly altered as a first step in the balancing process for the Trader Profession.
  • Clan players should now also receive two shoulderpads as a reward for start-up island quests.
  • The Rihwen MP pet no longer requires the Alien Invasion expansion to cast.
  • Durable Bandages LE Adventurer proc is now correctly instant.
  • Carlo Pinnetti's suit has been re-tailored.
  • Bring the Pain perk should no longer cause an extended death period if the user dies while this perk is in cooldown. (Also known as the "Forever death bug on the BS".)
  • NCU Hacker interface should now level to 220 (previously stopped at 200).

Other Changes[edit]

  • All equipment tabs can be locked by selecting "Lock equipment tabs" in the GUI > Misc section of the F10 Menu.
  • Free players should now have access to all organization buildings to participate in organization activities. Items inside will remain usable by expansion players only (ie: orbital strike terminals).
  • Those summoned by a boss monster will be subjected to an associated 10 second root.
  • Coast of Peace and Coast of Tranquility playfields have now been hooked into the Grid.
  • Client to server sync has been tightened to more accurately display the correct location of player characters.
  • Hitting the "end" button in a blank chat window line should no longer "end" your client session.
  • Players should now correctly get the head they choose in character creation.

Concealment/Perception Mechanic changes[edit]

  • The shadow of concealed players should no longer display to others.
  • All Concealment type messages (eg: "PlayerX tried to hide but failed") will no longer display in chat.
  • Concealment/perception checks will now be properly checked on the server rather than client-side.

18.3.3 Update Release Notes[edit]

  • Players who have deleted Daily Missions will now be able to speak with Daily Mission Agency Handlers to start their daily mission timers.
  • Corrected /stuck functionality in The Collector and Instanced Pandemonium playfields.
  • Restored missing attack wave from the Collector.
  • Drop rate of Collector Chests adjusted to better reflect challenge vs. reward. Most loot items will still be available but will not be as common.
  • "More Balls" added to Belial Forest to support many players on the Charm Brain Dog mission.
  • Targeting the Mysterious Alien Tower will now replace targeting that spawned Dreadloch boss. (Moxy or Deko)

18.3.4 Update Release Notes[edit]

  • Two new non-instanced city playfields opened first to the transferring German players are now open to everyone. These two playfields occupy the space between Avalon and Mort on the world map. Whompa access will be added in an upcoming update (along with an update to the world map).
  • Level 200 players should now receive SK from Daily Missions as intended.
  • QL 1 items should no longer drop from The Collector.
  • Wall spikes should no longer hit multple times in the Collector Instance.
  • ICC Peacekeepers have some new flashy outfits for a new flashy year.

18.3.5 Update Release Notes[edit]

  • Removed an issue that would cause sneaking players to rubber-band.
  • Access to the alien ship in the "Kyr’Ozch Scout Ships" daily mission should now work for level 150 players.
  • Fixed a serious exploit.

18.3.6 Update Release Notes[edit]

  • Exits to 3 Craters East and West have been added to the Grid.
  • "Entering City owned by ****" messages added to 3 Craters East...they will be added to 3 Craters West in the next update.
  • Burden of Competence and a few other items mysteriously vanished in the last update should now appear correctly again.
  • Conceal vs Perception checks should now be triggered on each attempt at use in PVM. (Multiple AS attacks should once again work in team/raid situations.)
  • The Collector is now standing on a more stylish platform and will now heal himself correctly based on his minions in the playfield.

Daily Missions[edit]

  • Deleting a daily mission will now start the timer directly.
  • Long Daily Mission quest chains now give out XP/Token rewards at each step in the chain up to a larger maximum reward to better reflect the effort of larger chain missions.
  • Escort NPCs in the "Extraction" mission will now return the Clan/Omni Application Form to the player.
  • Charged Nano-Critter (Charm Enigma Dog) should no longer lock out players on an unsuccessful charm attempt.
  • Many more daily mission tweaks.

18.3.7 Update Release Notes[edit]

  • Players should no longer become stuck in sneak mode.
  • "Entering City owned by ****" messages added to 3 Craters West.
  • Deleting daily missions will now start the timer directly.
  • Increased drop rate on LE Alien Mission Biomaterial and decreased "level range" on Boss Drops. ie: a level 250 Boss should always drop Biomaterial close to level 250.
  • LE Alien Mission Aliens reduced in power to make it easier to survive at all levels.
  • Increased drop rate of VP items in Lost Eden Alien missions.
  • Changes to longer version Composite Nanos to make them more accessible to everyone. (Will be available to Free players in the next version.)
  • New composite tradeskill nanos added to RK and SL shops.
  • Fixed collision issues in Agency Buildings and in Neuters R Us.
  • Camo and blue/black type social armor should now drop correctly from the Collector.

18.3.8 Update Notes[edit]

  • This years 9th Birthday goodies will be available from Miss Nora Fasilia in Borealis by the Whompas.
  • A new mystery building for player cities will be available to those who are able to obtain the components by force from familiar foes. The hidden purpose of this fun addition will be revealed after the birthday period. Get it while you can as the components will not be available after the birthday celebrations!
  • Alien style missions obtained from the daily mission system will be unavailable for a short period while we add them to a larger AXP daily mission system.
  • New Phasefront Vehicle, Sunglasses and a new social pet have been added to the Paid Point vendors.
  • More tweaks have been made to the Daily missions and daily mission style rewards have been added to more Mission Lines.

18.3.9/18.3.10 Update Release Notes[edit]

  • NPCs/Monsters should now "forget" damage done to them over time to properly determine who should receive loot rights. ie: A player takes a boss to 10% health then dies. The next player to kill this monster from 100% health will now properly receive loot rights.
  • "Extraction" daily mission playfield has been repaired to ensure access to the escort target.
  • Spawn range of Zix pets inside Lost Eden Alien Missions has been restricted to make pets closer in level range/power to their masters.
  • Access to the Paid Points vendor no longer requires the Alien Invasion expansion. Tradeskills to produce Alien Invasion social clothing still requires the expansion but the actual clothing sets can be worn by anyone.
  • Kami sunglasses are now No-Drop as originally intended.
  • Fixed several significant exploits.

18.3.11 Update Notes[edit]

  • A new and more detailed default map created by members of the community is now a part of the AO client.
  • The new birthday buidling is now revealed. If the door to yours does not work please contact Customer Service who will remove the building with you and supply you with a new one. Do NOT remove the building yourself.
  • Daily missions now scale exactly according to your level. Missions include: Extraction, A Contigent Spy, One Green Hill, One Foggy Hill.
  • Prototype Formula can now be cancelled by the user. Doing this will fail the mission.
  • Monsters for Missions: Slum Town, Nomad Camp, Crash Site and System Intrusion have been tweaked down to make them easier to complete for people at the beginning for the level range.
  • One Green Hill and Foggy Hill now have obvious visual indicators of where the event can be triggered.
  • The escort NPC for "Extraction" now stops further away from the exit to avoid players running outside by mistake.
  • Significant rewards have now been added to the remaining Key Quests and Civilization mission lines (Scheol, Adonis, Penumbra and Inferno) in Shadowlands.
  • Silium's Combined Mercenary Headwear is now usable by Shades.

18.3.12 Update Notes[edit]

  • All hostile nanos (debuffs ie: UBT) should now be removed from pets after the death of the Master.
  • A new version of the "Mine" pvp area is available for testing for 200+ level players. Many suggested changes have been made in this version. Thank you all for the excellent feedback so far on this area.
  • The Penumbra Garden Key quest should now correctly provide a significant XP/SK reward.
  • Master of Psy-Mod Alien mothership boss has been "toned down".
  • Prophet Abad Mord should now be properly available to exchange Insignias.
  • Crypt of Home monsters are now tab-selectable by Neutrals (Now "monsters" rather than "neutral" sided.)
  • Daily Missions: Scooplet Outbreak should now scale properly with the player's level.
  • Daily Missions: Aegan/Mutant Domain Infestation should now scale properly with the player's level.
  • Daily Mission: Cyborg Infiltration - Combined Info Tool has should no longer have too high requirements for low level players.
  • Daily Mission: Aegean Infestation - Aggressive high level monsters should no longer attack low level players in this area.
  • Fixed several exploits.

18.3.13 Update Notes[edit]

  • New always open pvp area added for seven different level ranges (level 10+). Accessible through the new PvP signup common area.
  • New Battlestation level ranges introduced and less players are now required to both start a battlestation AND keep it running. New common signup room for all ranges accessible from old BS terminals. New ranges are:
  • Alien style superior daily missions have been removed from the superior daily mission system. These and more will be back with a new Alien Daily mission system in the next update.
  • Pandemonium protection rings requirement changed from TL6 to level 201+.
  • Players should no longer lose unsaved XP from deaths in PvP.
  • Tradeskill requirements to make Sector 10 Boss patterns significantly reduced.
  • Daily Mission: Experimental Formula - should now resove correctly on hand in of the Analyzer.
  • Daily Mission: Prototype Formula - Nanob should no longer be cancelled by the Rage line of nanos.
  • Time limits on Penumbra Yuttos missions removed.
  • Bureaucrat XP Perks should no longer cancel Phasefront Vehicles.
  • Removed a crash associated with Charmed pets.
  • New visual XL backpack selection added to container shop.
  • Fixed several exploits.

18.3.14 Update Notes[edit]

Happy Halloween!

  • Halloween is always a special time of year for Anarchy Online, and 29484 (or 2010, whichever you prefer) is no exception! This year brings all sorts of special new goodies to the world of Rubi-Ka, but beware! Our old friend Uncle Pumpkinhead is back as well, and he won't be parting with his treats easily! A bevvy of new t-shirts have hit the planet this year, including the amazing E.C.A.B.B.A.G.E. shirt for all the dedicated Atrox PvPers out there! You can also look stylish in your official QL 1 T-Shirt (or the astounding QL 300 T-Shirt!), proudly wear a badly-drawn spider, or even display the cutest Shadowleet you've ever (not) seen on your chest!

Sector 7 and the new Alien Daily Missions are here!

  • Sector 7 introduces a new challenging single-team instance for players level 151-200. New bosses, missions and loot should make for an interesting new experience at this level range.
  • Alien Daily missions are available for all level ranges! The Alien Daily Missions may be found at either of the main Freelancers Inc. branches, located in both Old Athen and Rome Blue. Speak with the Alien Agency Handlers at either location to receive your daily mission and get to bug stompin'!

New Changes with 18.3.14

  • Martial Arts special attacks will no longer put the MA in nano-recharge after use.
  • After a great deal of constructive feedback HHAB will once again be wearable at TL6 but without the full NR modifier.
  • The "Rats!" daily mission finally has the highly requested counter to let you know how many more vermin to kill.
  • The time limits on Adonis Yuttos quest line (ado brain) are removed for all kill and return type missions.
  • Grid exit in ICC has been moved closer to the Grid terminal
  • Application Form in the Extraction Daily Mission, can no longer be used by accident.
  • Tibor Rocketman Nagy added to BS signup hub and removed from Andromeda
  • Fixed Three Craters Map
  • Sign posts added to Unicorn Outpost "Neretva C" and "Arid Rift"
  • The following daily missions all including kill objectives have been moved from the normal mission handler to the elite handler (different blocker missions so you can do one regular AND one elite daily mission):
The Subway
Temple of Three Winds
Biomare (Foreman's)
Crypt of Home
Mantis Hive
Smuggler's Den
Deeps of the Mantis Hive

The following playfields have been exported without floating objects (like trees and rocks and buildings)

Wailing Wastes
Milky Way
Coast of Peace