Rk19 Anniversary

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These bosses are a series of bosses introduced for the RK2019 server Anniversary starting on March 25th. Bosses are all open world bosses that drop loot crates, serpentine pieces, 'Of 8' Armor, and special upgraded loot. The upgraded versions are of the most notable loot from their dungeons. Each boss also drops a loot crate that will also spawn random loot from their loot table.

The Bosses[edit]

All the bosses have:

  • High defense rating, with most being unperkable
  • A very large amount of health
  • The ability to warp aggroed characters to their feet, wipe their attack, and stun them for a moment
  • Low attack rating for their level, making it possible to dodge tank most of their normal attacks
  • Mid damaged normal attacks

Zaal The Immortal (1730,1200) in Southern Artery Valley
  • Fanatics that explode and do AOE damage
  • Mind Controls Like control leech
  • Strategy: Since the mind control can cause docs to complete heal the boss, it is best if docs stand out of mind control range and use range increasers. Doctors and Advens also need to keep their full heal nanos in cool down all the time or Zaal will use them to full heal when the doc or adven is mind controlled. In all circumstances the Fanatic adds need to be killed first or they will take out chunks of your raid group when they explode Since this boss's Defense Rating is so high, it needs an enforcer to keep aggro with nanos because other professions might not get enough damage to hold aggro on their own.
  • Loot Drops
    • Tank Armor
    • Obsidian Defiler
    • Skull of Anguish
    • Boreal Blade of Inobak
    • Serpentine Armor (all parts possible) Drops 1-3
    • Armor of Eight (Helm & Pants) Drops 2-3
T.A.M. (1130,1530) in Longest Road
  • Director bot adds
  • 50% (200pt) reflect shield
  • 70% health hit
  • AoE -2000 NSD
  • Strategy: This boss can be very hard for nano dependent groups. Docs need to heal at range to avoid the NSD. Adds need to be rooted or calmed on the other side of the buildings from the boss to prevent ranged attacks and respawning. While Shield Rippers are effective for the reflect the NSD will render engi bots inert, so it is best to heal through it like with The Absorber.
  • Loot
    • HUD Update: Super Target Scope 7
    • SlayerDroid Notum-Imbued Claw
    • Gamma Reaper
    • Serpentine Armor (all parts possible) Drops 1-3
    • Armor of Eight (Chest Only) Drops 2-3
  • Spawn message: An otherworldly deity arrives on a lone island, deep within Southern Artery Valley. Hurry to coordinates X:1730 Z:1200 in Southern Artery Valley. It will be immortal for 15 minutes.
Cerubin The Reborn (2100,280) in Avalon
  • High DR but not quite as high as the others
  • Lots of tentacle adds with special abilities
    • Fear from tentacle hits
    • Heals from tentacles and damage shields
    • Tentacle of Aggression will switch your attacking target to it or force you to start attacking it
  • Strategy: One ranged team should focus on killing tentacles to avoid the damage, fear, and healing but the rest of the raid group should clump on one side of the boss. Tentacles will occasionally fear people, but after the fear is done regroup with the rest of the raid.
  • Loot
    • Loot does drop from tentacles
    • Hood of Cruel Intent
    • Shapeshifters Chestplate
    • Sinister Pistol of the Revoked
    • Tentacle Only Loot (only drops from dead tentacles not from box or boss)
      • Intimate Tentacle Support
      • Tentacle Wrap
      • Tentacle Lifter
      • Tentacle Cups
    • Serpentine Armor (all parts possible) Drops 1-3
    • Armor of Eight (Gloves Only) Drops 2-3
Atma (1900,3000) in Upper Stret East Bank
  • aoe Frost Burn nukes That spawn in set areas around the battle field. It is possible to avoid them completely by standing in the right place.
  • Very high defense rating, difficult to perk
  • If not killed fast enough, the boss will pull the raid group in and than blast them into another nearby zone like varmint woods or the other side of the river
  • Strategy:This boss is very straight forward with the exception of the knockback. If at al possible keep your back to a large rock in the battle field to avoid some of the knockback effect.
  • Loot
    • Masterwork Tool of Torturing
    • Overstuffed Overcoat
    • Erratic Globe of Sufferance
    • Grotesque Butcher Gloves
    • Serpentine Armor (all parts possible) Drops 1-3
    • Armor of Eight (Back & Shoulders) Drops 2-3

Abmouth Indomintus (3150,1550) Coast of Peace

  • Plague monster adds
  • AOE nukes for high melee damage (upwards of 5-8k)
  • Strategy: Raid group should focus on the boss, with only high health profs engaging in melee. Since the adds are very strong, and will keep respawning, it is best to pour all the damage on the boss than clear the adds.
  • Loot
    • Superior Ring of Nucleus Basalis
    • Hardened Construction Sleeves
    • Support Beam of Malice
    • Jesters Gift
    • Serpentine Armor (Gloves) Drops 1-3
    • Armor of Eight (Boots & Sleeves) Drops 2-3
  • Spawn Message: A mutated husk slithers to the surface, near a crashed meteor site, within the Coast of Peace. Hurry to coordinates X:3150 Z:1550 in the Coast of Peace. It will be immortal for 15 minutes.


Bosses are on individual timers of an estimated 7-9 hours, if the zone soft resets after 2 hours of nobody in it, a Celeboss will spawn in that zone. This is especially true for Abmouth in Coast of Peace and Atma in Upper Stret East Bank, since the zones are not frequently populated. If the zone soft resets, the boss will despawn and a new one will spawn, so you wont ever get 2 bosses at the same time.

Raiding Notes[edit]

Some bosses spawn back to back. So the best protocol for getting people out there, so far is to:

  • Get an engi out there via fixer grid or warp
  • have the engi warp a team of other engis
  • use the raid structure to push the engis into the other teams to warp them