Nomad Camp

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Nomad Camp is the Clan sided version of the daily mission that requires you to kill 5 each of 5 different Phyla of mobs in the Wailing Wastes. Slum Town is the Omni version.

Agency Old Athens
Level 25 - 50
Difficulty Hard to complete solo


Area surrounding 660 1900 in Wailing Wastes; going clockwise around the camp. All of the Daily Missions are harder when they are first given, but the kill missions always have so wide a range of enemies that it may be easy to finish the first group, and impossible to finish the last. The Wasteprowlers start at around level 20, in the north / northeast; the Scorpiods are about the same level, in the east / southeast; the Bloodcreepers are level 30ish in the south / southwest, the Frail Pixies are level 30, and the Pixies level 40, both in the west, and the Hammers are level 40 to 50, in the northwest. Level 40 can be as good as impossible for solo new froobs without outside buffs at the level the mission is first given. Well equipped characters with ultimate Travel options will prefer this mission, as the monsters give XP as well, and opportunity to use skills.

Monsters will pass through the camp regularly and the Apprentice, Novice and Rookie Clan NPCs will attack the Scorpiods but not the Bloodcreepers, Pixies or Hammers. Neither will they pay any heed to aggroed monsters pulled by players. The pole and cloth structures that arguably comprise the camp appear to be falling apart, but characters can both pass beneath them, and jump onto them and walk atop them. Both positions are capable of granting safety from monsters; atop the creatures cannot reach, and below they cannot maneuver.

Slum Town[edit]

The Omni version is given at Rome Blue Agency Assignment. Not having safe access to the central crater area may pose some small problems, but all of the creatures are more easily found at the edges anyway. Clan Tower Fields would pose considerably more danger.


The inhabitants of the slum town in Wailing Wastes live in whatever rubbish they can find. Most of their building material is recycled hazardous waste, leading to more and more infant mutants.

There are resources nearby, but the poor people are losing more than gaining from trying to collect them. Hunt down various creatures in the area to help them survive.

High level characters can do the killing, and teamed characters that are in the Wailing Wastes playfield will get credit for the mission; if this is done, or any time a high level is in team while objectives are completed, there is a message saying,

"For you to receive the full reward from this quest, you can not be grouped with players above level <X, where X is the maximum level with which the character can team> while solving the quest or when handing in the quest result."


Kill 5 Wasteprowlers
Kill 5 Scorpiods
Kill 5 Bloodcreepers
Kill 5 Pixies
Kill 5 Hammerheads


XP and Mission Tokens


As usual, you have to kill the mobs in the order given by the mission. Killing them out of order does not count for the mission.

Take the Whom-Pah from Old Athen to Wailing Wastes

  1. Wasteprowlers - South of the Whom-Pah is a camp of Scab Hyena (Dyna camp at /waypoint 1367.6, 1391.9, 551). This works even though Scabs clearly have a different name and are thusly presumably belong to a different Species or other Taxa, because they are presumably the same Genus, Family, Order and/or Phylum. They are about level 40.
    • Wasteprowlers can be found around the ridge surrounding the mission location
    • Alpha Females (south of mission location)
  2. Scorpiods are east of the mission target ( /waypoint 758.5, 1783.9, 551) and scattered all about. /waypoint 800 1800 551 has a few. Near the Charred Groove Land Control Area. Dyna of level 45 Scorpiods at /waypoint 540 1460 551
  3. Bloodcreepers are just a little south and a bit west of Scorpiods; /waypoint 666 1737 551. Near the Charred Groove Land Control Area. The numerous Spider dynas in Wailing Wastes are all level 60
  4. Pixies north and west ridge from mission target location. Pixies are rare and do not have a Dyna at all.
  5. Hammerheads there is small group of Hammerheads level 37+ on the North ridge /waypoint 560.2, 2167.7, 551. They spawn quickly.
    • For larger herd of Hammerheads level 25+ go to the east side of the playfield at /waypoint 2398.9, 2211.8, 551 . The Hammers in this mission are unusually low level; two of their dynas are level 84 and the other three are level 90.

Difficulty: Hard to do alone