There is a fourth type of item that can be installed in your implant locations.

These are the symbiants that can be found in the Shadowlands. These are only usable by players with the Shadowlands expansion enabled. Symbiants are like pre-built implants that offer a wider range of bonuses in an individual slot, but you do not get to customize them in the same manner as implants as you have no choice over the bonuses that they provide.

The requirements to equip symbiants are also higher then that of regular implants of an equivalent quality level.

Symbiants can be found as drop from Pocket Bosses. These bosses must be tradeskilled from pattern parts that drop in the Shadowlands.

Symbiants are known by three adjectives describing their profession group, location, and level.

Symbiants Profession Group Charts[edit]

* Symbiant Matrix Artillery Unit: Adventurer • Agent • Fixer • Soldier • Trader
* Symbiant Matrix Control Unit: Bureaucrat • Engineer • Meta-Physicist • Trader
* Symbiant Matrix Extermination Unit: Bureaucrat • Meta-Physicist • Nano-Technician
* Symbiant Matrix Infantry Unit: Adventurer • Enforcer • Keeper • Martial Artist
* Symbiant Matrix Support Unit: Adventurer • Doctor • Fixer • Keeper • Martial Artist • Meta-Physicist • Trader

Required abilities for Symbiants are indirectly determined by their bonuses, in that bonuses are determined by profession group and symbiants of a particular profession group all have two set ability requirements. Unlike R-K implants, however, the third of their required abilities is determined by their location. The amount of ability and treatment required is still determined by level.

Symbiant Locations[edit]

Most of the Symbiant locations, e.g. Left Wrist, are the same name as their Rubi-Ka counterparts. The ones that differ are: Ocular for the Eye location, Brain for the Head location, Body for Chest and Thigh for the Legs.

Level Designations[edit]

Level 1 Level 5 Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25 Level 30
Unconscious Moronic Ignorant Inattentive Lethargic Neglectful Sleeping
Level 40 Level 50 Level 60 Level 70 Level 80 Level 90 Level 100
Sluggish Dispirited Lulled Animated Moving Vibrating Breathing
Level 110 Level 120 Level 130 Level 140 Level 150 Level 160 Level 170
Operative Prevailing Residing Running Surviving Working Active
Level 180 Level 190 Level 200 Level 210 Level 220 Level 230 Level 240
Awakened Enduring Growing Living Persisting Vigorous Effective
Level 250 Level 260 Level 270 Level 280 Level 290 Level 300
Excited Vital Cognizant Alert Conscious Intelligent

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