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2.4 Special Abilities Edited out because it was going to become redundant with the section about nano program. The section on nano program should be more thorough than was this overview. There's space to paste that back in the general comments about the nanos anyway if needed.



The page pretty much organizes itself on its own. Did I miss something?

To do:

  • Add the pet table that included the HP, nano and damage
  • Link the nanoprograms. The GoMP had a nice setup, as well as The Fist of Chronos. Yay for shameless plugs.
  • Complete the Skills section with all tables in color and IP costs, the template is in X's guide of course.
  • Complete the section about weapons
    • Bow I think is complete now
  • Add a nano damage table
  • Add some sort of script 101 and samples of scripts
  • Add links all over to other AO Wiki sections for perks, breeds and so on
  • Add a choice of armors?