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The Unredeemed are a Shadowlands faction. The Unredeemed are ruthless, cruel, proud, willful and authoritarian. The Unredeemed seek further mastery over the Source and believe in power through deeds and example. They exhibit a monstrous or demonic appearance.

Yuttos imply that the Xan created the split between the Redeemed and Unredeemed by slipping away from unity and balance, and their terrible war also resulted in the physical split between Rubi-Ka and the Shadowlands.

Redeemed Subdivisions[edit]

The Redeemed faction is further divided into three groups:

  • The Unredeemed
  • Followers of the Temple
  • The Assertive Operators

The Unredeemed[edit]

Followers of the Temple[edit]

The Assertive Operators[edit]