Black Market Bioware


Kill Cyborgs for 3 parts.

Agency All

Level 175-199


Reports claim that various body parts are being harvested and used to build new cyborgs. The possibility of the cyborgs assembling a cyborg army is terrifying and should be viewed as a severe threat.

Your assignment is to locate cyborgs in Mort, kill them, and bring back three human bodyparts to establish their origin.


XP and Mission Tokens *2


Mort 1427x522) is just one location to find Cyborgs that drop these items. Kill Cyborgs and when you get these three UNIQUE items return the agency to collect your reward. Cyborgs may or may not drop these items in other locations on Rubi-ka and in missions, probably based on the level of the Cyborg or the player, and whether they are coded to drop another mission item instead, like the "Cyborg armor pieces" for Infiltration Preparation.

Disassembled Human Kneecap Disassembled Human Kneecap
Disassembled Human Foot Disassembled Human Foot
Disassembled Human Arm Disassembled Human Arm