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Cyborg Brigadier General

Cyborgs, while aggressive enough to kill on sight, are autonomous and intelligent to the point of representing a separate faction on Rubi-Ka. They are organized into a military hierarchy. Cyborgs are one of the most popular mobs in the game and are hunted by players from level 110-200(or 150) for xp and the Cyborg Death Squad Armor. This armor is very popular with the Fixers it is aimed at, as well as Agents who can equip it with their false profession abilities. The armor can theoretically be found at any quality levels but in reality it depends on the levels at which you can actually find any cyborgs to loot it off! The most reliable high source of CDS armor is the level 240 - 245 Cyborg Dyna Camp at 3475 2980 in Perpetual Wastelands.

They are particularly prevalent in the Perpetual Wastelands, although they have a base, Cyborg Barracks, in Greater Tir County, and one in Avalon (Cyborg Citadel).

South of the center of the Mort zone is a ghost town of mining buildings, which higher level Cyborgs have taken over as a base of operations; Mort is perhaps most famous among travellers for this installation. These 'Mort Borgs' are a favored foe of travellers, mercenaries, and soldiers of both factions, hoping to hone their skills.

Cyborgs do not count as human on the PF Map display; they are shown, like other Monsters, as red dots, not white or orange or blue.


  • Greater Tir County
  • Missions
  • East and Northeast areas of the Perpetual Wastelands
  • Any of the Cyborg Dynas in List of Dyna Camps. Double Dyna in Perpetual Wastelands

Cyborg raid areas[edit]

  • Cyborg Barracks on the eastern border of Greater Tir Country. It is directly east of the Temple of the Three Winds with the coordinates (3250, 2350). A cyborg-only dungeon of few rooms. It has lv 70-100 mobs. Not a lot of people go there anymore because Biomare is a more popular dungeon for leveling at that point.
  • Cyborgs in the upper 180 level range; Cyborg camp southwest from the Sentinel HQ (1489, 844) in the region Mort (1360, 570). Travel north from Meetmedere to reach it. There is one building that is enterable but contains high level MOBs. There are mission terminals in the area as well
    • Northwest of it, there is another Cyborg camp (Hidden Base) with Cyborgs in the 180 level range. Journey to Hope and then west to reach it. The Camp is in a crater, whose entrance is on the south side

Cyborg Domain[edit]

Located a little west of Camelot Castle, this hideout of cyborgs range from level 80-110 and there are lots of them, with a fairly fast re-spawn rate. The drop rate on armor isn't great by any stretch of the imagination and as the spot is rarely camped or hunted anymore (it was popular in the days before team missions) your best bet if you are only after the armor is getting a higher level character to farm the armor for you, otherwise you will need a fairly good team to hunt these for exp as well as the possibility of loot.

If you do get a good team together though you can level very, very fast at this location if you keep your wits together. The spawn is far faster then even a good team mission and providing you have some crowd control in your team you can reap the benefits.

Ruined Mort Outpost[edit]

This area in Mort is close to Mort crater, there is a static dungeon with a varity of mobs in the ruins. It is only one level with a few rooms, enough for a team to clear out and then go back out to cyborgs. This is usually the tactic when you have eliminated all the cyborgs and are waiting on more to respawn.

Abandoned Omni-Tek Mining Outpost at Perpetual Wastelands[edit]

The most powerful cyborgs reside here, it also contains one of the strongest cyborg boss in AO: lv 230 Colonel Niala Dekrun. Cyborg drop Death Squad armor here more often.

Dyna Camps[edit]

Note that the numbers below are not yet substantiated as being exclusively for the Dyna Boss, but may in some rare cases be the level of the mobs. In general, though, they are the boss midrange level, with variations being plus or minus 15%, and the dyna minions being several levels below that.

Level Playfield Coordinates
102 - 108 Perpetual Wastelands 1935, 1380
102 - 108 Perpetual Wastelands 1950, 1390
120 Central Artery Valley 1380, 2740
228 - 234 Perpetual Wastelands 3460, 2940
240 - 245 Perpetual Wastelands 3475, 2980

Unique Encounters[edit]

All in the Cyborg Barracks:

  • Eradicator Deimos
  • General Severus
  • Commander Jocasta

Perpetual Wastelands:

  • Lv 230 Colonel Niala Dekrun


Loot and Tradeskills[edit]

Cyborg Head Implant Cyborg Head Implant - Max Health and Disease AC
Cyborg Chest Implant Cyborg Chest Implant - Useful for equipping Str-requirement armor
Cyborg Arm Implant Cyborg Arm Implant - Only the QL 197-200 has more Strength than Touch of the Gripper
Cyborg Waist Implant Cyborg Waist Implant - QL 73 and higher has more Health than Keeper's Vitality, but KV's AC bonuses are its best feature
Cyborg Wrist Implant Cyborg Wrist Implant - Left Wrist - Deflect - Notum Splice's Nanoskills are arguably more useful outside of an evade build
Cyborg Leg Implant Cyborg Leg Implant - A QL 184+ Leg implant has more Stamina than a QL 200 Cyborg one


  • 1st Lieutenant
  • 2nd Lieutenant
  • Biotechnician
  • Brigadier General
  • Captain
  • Colonel
  • Corporal
  • Engineer
  • General
  • Guard
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Lieutenant General
  • Major
  • Major General
  • Recruit
  • Private
  • Private 1st Class
  • Sergeant
  • Specialist
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant 1st Class
  • Sergeant Major
  • Technician

There are other designations, especially at the Cyborg Citadel, such as Engineer and Sentry


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