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Fixer specializes in getting people what they need when they need it. By hacking into what is known as The Grid from anywhere in the world, Fixers can use it to transport themselves or their entire team in digital form around Rubi-Ka. The Fixers move fastest of all and special armors make them the hardest to hit as well. A Fixer's main combat strategy lies in limiting the maneuverability of opponents and they favour weapons from the sub-machinegun category.

The primary capabilities: getting to what needs done, eliminating what stands in the way, staying healed doing it, and having enough NCU to run all those programs. Fixers were a disproportionate population in 2009; nowadays, the community knows how to make do with less. Or beg from Fixers.


Nano Programs[edit]

A visibly popular advantage, Fixer's buffs have more level locks than any other profession's.


The single target version has an Evade component and while it does not stack with their buffs, many a Meta-Physicist debates whether to buff themselves or hope to be randomly buffed with GSF (Gridspace Freedom) by a passing Fixer. The Team version is level locked.

Heal over Time[edit]

Higher levels of the Long HoT are Dyna loot. First and best tool for alt escort "missions".

Damage Add[edit]

The generic weapon damage buff Weapon Enhancement will overwrite Venom Modification and others in that line. This is more relevant now that the bracer from Arete Landing converts all damage to Poison.

Cluster Bullets[edit]

See also Special Attack

Fixers get a special item that attacks all enemies within a short radius: Cluster Bullets. Homing Permorpha Bullets are also an extra attack, on the same timer, and have a higher maximum QL, but attack only a single target. Since Patch 18.7, Fixers get a nano that create a stack of either Cluster or Permorpha, in inventory. The result is random, and the QL is based on the caster's Burst skill level.


There are no Matter Metamorphosis Head Implants at any of the Profession kiosks; buying or making them is a relatively high priority for implant optimization. Both Doctor and Adventurer require higher Biological Metamorphosis for their healing nanos, but not Fixer.

Fixer requires Matter Creations only for Grid Armor.

Usually, as the PM-SI buffing team, Psychological Modifications and Sensory Improvement are somewhat optional; you can gain some efficacy from them, and sometimes it is a crucial part of the skillset, but they are only buffs, not abilities. However, because PM-SI are, with MM, the Skills required for Fixer escape and other Grid-related nanos, PM and SI are also imperative. Atrox and Opifex would prefer the Agility-based Agent eye, but SI is needed for Root and Snare nanos, the Root and Snare Reduction nanos, and of course Run Speed buffs. So they must be off to buy or make an Aimed Shot/Rifle Shining, Sensory Improvement Bright, Time and Space Faded eye, or make do with less than ideal. Nanomage (and Solitus, if they forego the 15 points of Agility Feline Grace can give) can buy their Fixer/Keeper eye in the store.


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