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Soldier strives for excellence in armed combat. The skill advancement of Soldiers focuses entirely on assault and survival. They use unique nanotechnology to protect their bodies, enhance reflexes, weapon skills and their armor. Perhaps most importantly, Soldiers are able to create strong damage absorption shields around themselves which make them partly invulunerable and even reflect some of the damage back to the attacker.

Most if not all professions gain some substantial abilities from the Shadowlands and other expansion content: substantial enough that players can be quite sure that their career thereafter is on a higher plateau of effectiveness that comes from something other than gear to equip. Soldier is no exception, truly reflecting this profession's emphasis on Damage! Damage! Damage! Composite weapon buff reducing buff time, higher value weapon buffs, stacking team and self Reflect Shields that are more than the sum of their parts, and of course the fabled Gazump Fight team damage add. This is all well and good for SL players, but stacking all these gifts onto SL leaves a Froob Soldier unable to contribute anything to a team that other professions cannot do as well or better. Engineer in particular has the same Reflects and better AC buffs, and they get Damage Shields too. Agent and Fixer have the same +damage buffs, Adventurer has better Add All Offense buffs; the only thing left is + Init. A profession that can be replaced by a single cast of a False Profession nano is a disadvantaged profession. If you are a froob and you are absolutely sure you want to remain that way and contributing to the team effort is important to you, you have cause to seriously consider another profession. Adventurer is a close fit with the Soldier template of self buffs and damage add, for example, or Enforcer's self-damage-buffs and tanking perhaps.



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