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An Agents life is spent in the shadows. Agents focus on concealment and subterfuge skills and one of their special abilities is going undercover. Doing so enables them to use nanotechnology normally only available to other professions. When it comes to combat, the Agents speciality is sniping opponents with high velocity rifles using unique nanotechnology to further increase the damage.

Gear and nanos specific to a profession, that not even Agents can use, is marked "Profession = X", whereas ones that Agents can use is marked, "Visual Profession = X". After the False Profession nano stops running, there are no negative or positive consequences: equipped gear stays on, it is not debuffed in any way, and it cannot be re-equipped without a new FP.

Aimed Shot can be used in PvP without Concealment. Some Rifles have Fling Shot instead or as well, making them easier to use in PvE.

Agent has the highest damage add buff for other players, and it stacks with Adventurers animal morph damage adds. They have short-running self buffs for more damage, and Critical Hit buffs.

In the course of running FPs of various professions, they are likely to use any and all of the nanoskills. Their own nano lines are all over the place too. The obvious first option for saving IP, Concealment buffs, has the same MM and BM as damage buffs, or if you have Shadowlands, MC too. Froobs, though, can cut way back on MC if they do not want it for Shield buffs. MC is good for little else: there are few FP pets, and casting in FP is too slow to do damage nanos well.






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Agent Armor[edit]

Rubi-Ka Armor[edit]

Shadowlands Armor[edit]

Alien Invasion Armor[edit]

Lost Eden Armor[edit]

False Profession Armor[edit]

Other Armor[edit]

Critical Increase[edit]

Agents are experts at one shot one kill. To increase your chances of a critical hit, try equipping items that increase your chances.


Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Froobs and paid can "twist" buffs that last a long time (and this is facilitated by the new longer durations on buffs), changing profession every 20 minutes (for Mimic), 25 minutes (for Assume) and 30 minutes (for False Profession).

Paid players only:

  • Get 4 Professions' buffs (that last longer than 20 minutes) running simultaneously: Mimic Profession 1 > True Profession > Mimic Profession 2 > (wait 20 minutes) > False Profession 3 > True Profession > Mimic Profession 4


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