Agent Nano Programs

Agents specialize in sniping at range with Rifles, hiding themselves from sight to aim carefully and do more damage (Aimed Shot), precision strikes that do more damage (Critical Hit increase), Damage boosts, and the infamous False Profession; the Agent assuming the identity and skills of other professions.

Nano Listings Agent - AO Items.

Nanoformulas Agent - Auno

As of Patch 18.7,[1], these capabilities have been separated into discrete nano formulas, where before some were combined.

Much information can be seen on AunoIcon.png (Auno:Nano Formulas: Agent), and every nano name links to its listing on Auno (eventually), the benefit of the Profession Nano Guides is being able to see all the information on one page (again, eventually).

Rubi-Ka Nano Programs generally can be purchased from General Shops until around about QL 125. This varies considerably and is not always true; for example, Adventurer's yellow icon self-buffs to 1HE and Pistol etc cannot be bought. Nor is the distinction between Nano Crystals named "NanoCrystal" and "Nano Crystal" consistently true; almost all NanoCrystals cannot be bought in shops, but they are not always found from Dyna Bosses or Mission Bosses, but sometimes from Quest Missions.

Nanos from the Shadowlands generally can be purchased at various Gardens in the Shadowlands (SL). The abbreviations used in the charts below are the first three letters of the zone name, specifically:
Adonis = Ado • Elysium = Ely • Inferno = Inf • Nascence = Nas • Pandemonium = Pan • Penumbra = Pen • Scheol = Sch
Gardens are denoted with G, and Sanctuaries with S, therefore Inf G and Inf S.

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