Shadowfade Armor

Shadowfade is a worthy challenger to Carbonum Armor for protection; it has the usual "better than Carb at Energy and Radiation". But that means nothing compared to its 70 Concealment and 3 each of Aimed Shot and Rifle.

There is a decent argument to support the notion that the helm, like the Skull of the Ancients and Nematet's Eye, never dropped, and players would only tell stories on Auno about getting it. At any rate, it was restored to a decent drop rate years ago, while the nonexistent implants were only added to the loot table with Patch 18.7

Requires Sense >= 194 and : Agility >= 212.

It is possible, although somewhat rare, to get a drop of both Arm pieces from Reverend Olluay, and presumably from Caddelly and Saxx. Likewise, presumably two separate pieces can be obtained at once from Rendal or Julaan, and three from Yen.

Appearance and Features[edit]

Shadowfade Armor (Helmet)
Shadowfade Armor (Body)
Shadowfade Armor (Sleeves) Shadowfade Armor (Gloves) Shadowfade Armor (Sleeves)
Shadowfade Armor (Pants)
Shadowfade Armor (Boots)
ProjectileAC: 1312
MeleeAC: 1312
EnergyAC: 1312
FireAC: 1149
ColdAC: 1149
RadiationAC: 1149
ChemicalAC: 1312
PoisonAC: 1149
Rifle: 3
Aimed Shot: 3
Concealment: 70

Values compared to QL75 Carbonum Armor
QL 75 Carbonum Values Compared
ProjectileAC: 1336 +24
MeleeAC: 1607 +295
EnergyAC: 664 -652
FireAC: 1336 +187
ColdAC: 1336 +187
RadiationAC: 664 -485
ChemicalAC: 1607 +295
PoisonAC: 1336 +187

QL 75 Carb has 38 points of AC total more than Shadowfade. QL 75 Carb requires Agility >= 182 and Stamina >= 223.

QL 70 Carbonum Values Compared
ProjectileAC: 1250 -62
MeleeAC: 1505 +193
EnergyAC: 622 -690
FireAC: 1250 +101
ColdAC: 1250 +101
RadiationAC: 622 -527
ChemicalAC: 1505 +193
PoisonAC: 1250 +101

QL 70 Carb has exactly 590 points of AC total less than Shadowfade. QL 70 Carb requires Agility >= 170 and Stamina >= 208.

All Shadowfade pieces are found in the Temple of Three Winds, and in no other location.

  • Head: Drops from Windcaller Rendal. Extremely rare, but despite rumors to the contrary, does exist. Froobs resisting the temptation to make do with the Fixer-shop agent balaclava will give the benefit of a buffing item that gives a +1 to both Rifle and Aimed Shot. No other RK head armor can do both of these at once.
  • Torso: Drops from Windcallers Rendal, Tilla, and Yen
  • Arms: Drop from Reverends Caddelly, Olluay, and Saxx
  • Gloves: Drop from Reverends Julaan and Gulard
  • Legs: Drops from Reverends Julaan and Saxx, and Windcaller Yen
  • Boots: Drops from Windcallers Rendal and Yen

Pro 'n' Con[edit]




Drops in Temple of Three Winds
Profession = Agent