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The Bureaucrat brings order to chaos. Bureaucrats have very limited weapon skills but their vast knowledge of nanotechnology makes up for that. They use it to directly damage opponents and create robots that will fight for them. But most importantly, a Bureaucrat uses nanotechnology to boost his leadership skills and to control hostile beings, bending their minds and blurring their aims. In a team situation, a Bureaucrat is therefore a natural leader.

Bureaucrats specialize in Crowd Control (see Assisting and Concentration of Fire)

They are 'pet' users, and uniquely, they can have both a 'summoned' droid and a 'charmed' monster ally. This gives them additional damage, additional means of dealing with adds, reduced healing costs due to these 'meat shields', and a headstart if running away becomes the wisest option.

Bureaucrats uniquely have an XP bonus nano. They share with Meta-Physicists and Nanotechnicians, nanos that increase nano pool replenishment. They share with Engineers and Keepers the ability to cast 'chant' nanos; effects within a certain radius centered on the user, that affect party members positively or enemies negatively or both.



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