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The Bureaucrat brings order to chaos. Bureaucrats have very limited weapon skills but their vast knowledge of nanotechnology makes up for that. They use it to directly damage opponents and create robots that will fight for them. But most importantly, a Bureaucrat uses nanotechnology to boost his leadership skills and to control hostile beings, bending their minds and blurring their aims. In a team situation, a Bureaucrat is therefore a natural leader.

Bureaucrats (slang: BC or "Crat") specialize in Crowd Control (see Assisting and Concentration of Fire)

They are 'pet' users, and uniquely, they can have both a 'summoned' droid and a 'Charmed' monster ally. This gives them additional damage, additional means of dealing with adds, reduced healing costs due to these 'meat shields', and a headstart if running away becomes the wisest option.

Bureaucrat is not a recommended Profession for players new to online RP games, especially Froobs. While the pet options offer safety, they are time-consuming and complex. Bureaucrat Crowd Control is an all or nothing ability: if the BC's Psychological Modifications (PM) and Sensory Improvement (SI) are insufficient, their Mezzes will fail on single targets, or on some of the targets in a group. Same for PM - Time and Space (TS) with roots, and Psychology with Charms. Bureaucrat is a "win more" profession; a team that is working adequately will benefit greatly from their skills, making the fight not only a win, but an easy win. But Froob and ill-equipped Crats may find that the power they expected is in fact unreliable.

Bureaucrats uniquely have an XP bonus nano. They share with Meta-Physicists and Nanotechnicians, nanos that increase nano pool replenishment. They share with Engineers and Keepers the ability to cast "chant" or "pulse" nanos; effects within a certain radius centered on the user, that affect party members positively or enemies negatively or both.

Nano Programs[edit]

Bureaucrats can do more with less. They can get through an enemy installation without firing a shot, get more XP for themselves and their team, and while most professions have some added expansion nanos that require nanoskills that are not required by the usual skillset, Bureaucrats simply don't require Matter Metamorphosis at all. For anything.

Their Calms are based on the PM SI pair of most buffs, so they can fulfill their primary function of Crowd Control only using the same skills as their pet buffs, XP buffs, and Pistol buffs.

Adding Time and Space alone gives Roots, Snares, Speeches and pet damage and aggro-holding boosts.

Their droids are the usual Matter Creations and Time and Space and MC allows their direct damage "nukes" too.

Biological Metamorphosis seems almost optional at this point, but the ability to both, remove an attacker and add an ally at the same time makes Charm desirable. It also creates a small but ticking time bomb that goes off when the Charm wears off (the former ally attacks), and previously charmed enemies give no XP, so use discretion.



Bureaucrat Suit
Meister's Reinforced Suit



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