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Nanobot flares

For the game mechanics of Nano use, and the effects of Nanos, both basic and advanced, see Nano Program

All characters have a supply of Nanobots, microscopic self-replicating robots built on an atomic scale, that thrive in the Notum-enriched atmosphere of Rubi-Ka and the Shadowlands. They are known collectively as Nano, and displayed as a blue bar on the screen.

Out of a character's Nano Pool, Nano is used to cast Nano Programs, or Nanos for short. This is similar to 'mana' or 'power' in other games.

The energy released by the work of nanobots executing nano programs creates corruscating sheets and auroras and pulsating blobs and sparks of light around the caster and targets.

Profession Nanos[edit]

For more about a particular Profession see the Professions article and its links to individual professions

Nanobots can knit and reconstruct tissues, effectively healing damage

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