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A Doctor is really a biotechnology specialist. The Doctors' prime skills focus mainly on healing and protecting but they also learn how to produce and administer powerful biotoxins that slow, weaken and wear down their opponents. Limited weapon skills can lead to a bumpy ride when going solo, but in a team the Doctor really shines. When chaos descends on the team in combat, its survival usually lies squarely on the Doctor's shoulders, so this profession is not for the faint-hearted.

Designed to be a defensive profession generally, Doctors are still capable of killing their opponents outright with their "Alpha" attack: powerful pistols with Fling Shot, Burst and even Full Auto are available. Chances are this character will at least be starting out playing defensively; however long it takes, gradually taking out more and more of its targets' defenses.

There is no resurrection nano in AO, but Docs are powerful healers, and all professions have a healing option not offered in other games: target a friendly player, and you can heal them with your medkits. If all else fails, there is no such thing as utterly lost XP; the XP penalty is sent to a pool that can be recouped whenever more XP is gained.

Doctors have one tremendous advantage in their spell line that other professions do not always have: their main healing nanos do not cost much more nano points as they advance in level, and past QL 152, they actually decrease in cost slightly.

Docs get their own, more effective Treatment Library and several Doctor-only back armors.


Doctor Items[edit]



Mission-Dreadloch weapons and:

Captain Cante Hawke, near the Tower shop, in Old Athen.


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