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An Enforcer specializes in close combat using raw power and naked rage to subdue opponents. Enforcers are physically better suited than all others to sustain damage and can learn some protective nanotechnology to further increase their chances of survival. Their brutality and in-your-face combat attitude normally make them the prime targets for any opponent. Enforcers utilize this for the good of the team and rely largely on others to heal them.

Enforcers spend less IP on every Melee Weapons Skill than any other Profession except Martial Artist on Martial Arts, and Adventurer on Melee Energy. They have buffs for them, too.

They have the best Stamina buff in the game: Essence of Behemoth and the Improved version. They have the top two Strength buffs as well: EoB and Prodigious Strength.

Clan Enforcers get access to Strength/Stamina-requirement Pilgrim Protector Armor, that drops in Dynas.


Enforcer Weapon[edit]

Enforcer Armor[edit]

Enforcer Nano Programs[edit]

Mongo's Titan Mongo's Titan, the renamed and better version of Essence of Leviathan

Much improved by the Patch 18.7 and later changes. The bulk of it is the Mongo's self buff HP line: even the puniest of Mongo HP buffs is 500 HP, where the mightiest Essence nano for other targets is just shy of 1,000. Froobs will end up with 6,000 extra HP (Titan), and paid players can get up to 20,000 (Kraken). Impressive.

Mongo's Cyclops and presumably most or all of the other Mongo's HP/ Heal Reactivity Multiplier Buffs can be rolled in RK Missions. Unfortunately, the changes, and the fact that many of the changes altered the names of the nanos, made other nanos difficult to track down for such things as player comments on availability (Auno) and determining rollability (Kimi's database).

Renamed Nanoprograms list on the forums.

Enforcers have damage shields that, in addition to doing damage to the attacker, actually add protection for one particular type of damage. Adventurer damage shields do a similar thing, but instead block a set amount of damage altogether, and so wear off as the Enforcer Layers do. Enforcer shields protect against Cold, Fire, and Energy damage. Only one low QL shield protects against Radiation. which is a shame, as more QLs of it would be very useful, along with the Energy shields, for Carbonum wearers.


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