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An Enforcer specializes in close combat using raw power and naked rage to subdue opponents. Enforcers are physically better suited than all others to sustain damage and can learn some protective nanotechnology to further increase their chances of survival. Their brutality and in-your-face combat attitude normally make them the prime targets for any opponent. Enforcers utilize this for the good of the team and rely largely on others to heal them.

Enforcers spend less IP on every Melee Weapons Skill than any other Profession except Martial Artist on Martial Arts, and Adventurer on Melee Energy. They have buffs for them, too.

They have the best Stamina buff in the game: Essence of Behemoth and the Improved version. They have the top two Strength buffs as well: EoB and Prodigious Strength.

Clan Enforcers get access to Strength/Stamina-requirement Pilgrim Protector Armor, that drops in Dynas.


Enforcer Weapon[edit]

Enforcer Armor[edit]


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