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Arete Landing is the current Playfield where new players arrive, added in Patch 18.7 which was released on April 21, 2015. The player's objective is to leave, but the denizens of the Landing have other ideas. They have objectives of their own, and the player must pay for their aid. Because of the extensive work done in the wiki article on the previous starting area, it is recommended to read the ICC Shuttleport article for more tips about starting out; the facts that are not specific to the area are generally still valid, for example the Health and Nano Kits section. And of course, for nostalgia. The ICC Shuttleport Tradeskills article has been modified to reflect Arete Landing tradeskills, and if you want to take a look into that part of the past, earlier versions of the page can be viewed with View history button at the top of the article.

Marcus Stone cannot talk to you while he is fighting fires

Arete Landing[edit]

Equip a starting weapon and, to enable the Composite Utility Expertise nano, consume it by right clicking on it:

Composite Utility Expertise This is the only place to get one, outside of the ICC HQ and Neutral shops such as Fair Trade, which always charge over ten times the price for nanos. Still well worth it for older characters that were created before Arete Landing. Drag the icon from the Nanos list to a spot on the quick bar to be able to use it quickly anytime.

Later you will also be able to obtain other nanos, such as Composite Attributes from Marcos Spida, and Composite Nano Expertise from the Greedy Reet if you get a Shiny Sword and right click on it.


Missions are never complicated by the question of "where?" due to the orange indicator on the Compass, although "up or down?" can sometimes be an issue. The Compass, like most everything else on the screen, can be moved as desired. The Landing area is probably one of the more complicated, due to the vertical element of the map and a maze of walls at the ground level and a few invisible textures on scaffolding that looks as though you should be able to walk through it when you can't. AO is a game where you are rewarded extravagantly for taking your time and thinking things through, so this is as good a time as any to get in that groove. The AO Universe walkthrough linked to below should be sufficient if you find yourself stuck on the main missions or want to be sure of getting all of the side missions, but there are some Notes below here too. The Vendors section of the AOU guide has info on missions and crafting, including our old friend Antonio Stacklund, who has like us moved on from ICC Shuttleport; not just what you can see for yourself in the vendors' inventory.

Side Mission Checklist[edit]

Quick checklist of NPCs with side missions: Marcus Stone, Alex Gibbs, Desmond Calistri, Patrick Sun, Antonio Stacklund, Greedy Desert Reet, Leet King, Shady Guy, Leonora Marty (unless you pocket the money) Emiel Dijkman further into the desert on the same side as the Reets, and further still, the alien impersonator and would be spy Karli Cappelleri. Remi Gallois gives a mission inaccessible by free-to-play players (Froobs).

Mission Notes[edit]

  • Marcus Stone has a side mission not noted by AOU; helping his wounded workers. The mission says to right click instead of left clicking as with the extinguisher, but you must place the icon on your quickbar and target the wounded worker. If in a team, one person will talk to Marcus Stone and get the firefighting mission. The other must wait until they put out the fire to talk to Marcus.
  • Desmond Calistri has a side mission not noted by AOU for back armor. Desmond sends you to Barry the Food Vendor, who looks like he is heading back to Kansas from Oz, in his propeller-driven airship. You won't need to buy a burger first and THEN tell him you are buying for Desmond; apparently Barry has no interest or won't reveal his interest in the labor dispute. Calistri's objective is the opposite of the main mission line: he has you kill two workers and their leader Cedric Harding for the reward: three back armors; one each of Strength/Stamina, Intelligence/Psychic, and Agility/Sense requirements and appropriate bonuses. Cedric Harding is standing right next to Officer Bill, who won't take the blindest bit of notice if you behead Harding (or knock him out, or whatever). If you want to roleplay it a bit, there is a wall to the south you can hide behind as you eliminate the threat to Desmond Calistri's bulging wallet. Desmond is in the room where you plant the bug. Neither he nor the System messages mention anything about receiving his reward, so you will just have to watch your inventory. Or you can just keep clicking as the dialogue continues with the player asking increasingly intrusive questions. Asked of a mobster with illegal secrets, these questions naturally get nowhere much other than some introductory exposition experienced players already know. Not saying it's not good storytelling, so there's that.
  • Personalized Basic Robot Brain, which adds to Sense, is not increased in effectiveness every Quality Level. So AOU's "higher is better" advice, given the low levels of Robot Junk available, is not merely misleading, it is wrong. In future, on Rubi-Ka, higher QL is better, but certain quality levels, where the requirements are as low as they can be and the bonuses are as high as they can be, are better still. These are called Breakpoints and there is a whole article here, with a list of Breakpoints on some of the more useful items in AO. The levels of Robot Junk you want to watch for, for the foreseeable future, are 1, 10, 26, 43, 59 unless you are making Junkmetal Armor and that is more fun than it is effective. Formula is +1 every 16.6 levels rounded down. Level 2 Junk is everywhere, and level 1 is found on the ramps and mostly at lower levels; there is no level 10 to be had here. Note that the level of the MasterComm is irrelevant to the quality of the finished product but VERY relevant to the total cost. Unfortunately if you are patient and fortunately if you are not, this is not a first opportunity to attempt that time-honored AO skill of Waiting Until The Right QL Is For Sale (in this case, QL 1); the Junk Shop sells only QL5 MasterComms. There will be plenty of MasterComms available later anywhere on Rubi-Ka (RK for short) to practice on (they are used in making Stalker Helmets also), or if you are unable to find the well hidden Junk Shop, directly behind and three feet to the left of Alex Gibbs, right next to the building. It is easy to mistake the Junk Shop's rusty exterior for a piece of scenery, especially if you have grown accustomed to the sleek look of terminals, like the ICC Ammunition terminal beside it; it looks like it might not function, or dispense a nest of spiders.
  • If you die after level 5 and before you find the Insurance Terminal to change your respawn point, you will be in the perfect place to pick up a hidden mission from a NPC in the disabled ship at the very beginning, at the top of the ramps where you started; step onto the glowing circle. Not saying it is faster, but if you sit at the bottom of the ramps and type /stuck, you will engage AO's special feature to extricate players from scenery, and you will (probably) be teleported to the top of the ramps. If you are in the Kodaik landspeeder, it will automatically unequip once you are inside; this is normal behaviour for vehicles, and much more common on RK, where there are many more interior areas. Arete Landing has, it appears, been specially designed to be as open as possible. Once through into Rubi-Ka, go into the building with "Holo-Deck" scrolling across its sign and go to the glowing blue circle; give the box to RALPH (his name is in caps) at the top.
  • As for the insurance terminal and dying, other than the obvious things, don't equip the 3-slot belt Patrick Sun gives you until you have three NCU chips. You also don't need to switch if the lowest of the three is 2 or less NCU; the Blackmane's belt has that much as a bonus.
  • You may need to exit the Kodaik to plant the bug; although no error message is given and the status bar progresses as normal, the mission does not complete.
  • When you first talk to Sarah Greene would be a good time to buy the Newcomer's Armor from her, if not before.
  • Remi Gallois' paid-player mission: Don't feel too bad about the froobs not getting to watch the Mechs go boom; you're going to have to spend a few minutes travelling to the far east side of the map, even with a Kodaik.
  • More about dying: most likely you will waltz in and pick the lock on the Storekeeper's strongbox without even thinking about it, just like all the other insanely dangerous things that have gone before. But in the unlikely event that the guard dog is not busy fighting the ICC Peacekeeper, you will have to wait for that or arrange it, and the timing is very tight, so plan it out beforehand. The dog will not chase very far; that's part of the difficulty in fact, because the guard will not aggro the dog unless it is still chasing you once you are close to the guard. The guard has a long patrol route, so if you miss the timing, you might as well try Sneaking in while waiting. Or you can just get another player to take aggro while you lockpick. Or send your pet in to take aggro. Or Sneak (default H button). Perhaps running in fast and quickly "lockpicking" works, but it seems doubtful.
  • If combat did not become real with the guard dog, it will on the way to "Find the Thief". Get the Newcomer's armor and level it, and be prepared at any time to fight at least two fleas. The monsters aren't just around every corner, they spawn incessantly and leap at you. Practice for the big fight around the corner to the left by going straight ahead to the end and picking up the Credit Card. Antonio Stacklund's stuff will help but the difficulty varies wildly depending on the weapon. Don't get the idea from the AOU article that the Newcomer's or its sided variants can level up higher than you. But remember that the reason the writer thought that is because most leveling items used to be able to do just that, and there may be one or two more obscure leveling items out there still, that do.
  • "The Credit Card": If you have played before, you probably roughly know your priorities on the choice of 15K credits or the valuable full Omni-Med Suit. If not, note that you will want the suit anyway so you can have better Implants, ten thousand is not that much money later on, but taking the suit now will save a lot of time. Clanners would have to make an Omni character, transfer money at Borealis or somesuch to buy the suit, traipse around Omni-1 and market etc to buy all the pieces, and go transfer again. That's why you can still make a bit of money selling suits in Clan cities: suits, even at inflated prices, cost next to nothing in intermediate and late game terms, but obtaining them takes a fair bit of time.
  • Marco Spida is not an ID Card mission, but you probably don't want to miss out on that 8,000 credit Composite Attributes nano.
  • Greedy Guy at the edge of the desert gives you a Kodaik landspeeder once you aid and abet his crime, er task. It is listed at 500 run speed but doesn't look as much as 50. Still worth it to cut down on run time in the desert missions. Running to visual range of the left edge of the desert, then running to the right, should be enough to bring the supposed perpetrator and his sizable white vehicle to light. The ICC guards will shoot the car owner for being outraged, but that just means you have to find him again. Kill stealers.
  • You are going to get the Shiny Sword much faster in a team. Don't ask why. Not just because you are killing faster, either. It seems fairly likely that it drops as well or better from Reets. Even the Greedy Reet itself drops it. Lolly never drops anything though. In a world where people have their names hovering over their heads in bright blue letters, perhaps it is not so strange that you have to right click on the Shiny Sword to get the mission. You can wave the Shiny Sword in front of the Reet all you want, and he will burble constantly about it in CAPITAL LETTERS as is his wont, but you can not get a dialogue window with him until the sword has been clicked upon.
  • The Leet King's mission gives XP, so Froobs can still benefit from it, and it gives a mission pointer to the Greedy Reet. But the reward is a Social Clothes ingredient only usable by paid players. The reward given is random so you cannot choose to get an item saleable for high values the way you can for Emiel Dijkman's mission.
  • Caution would suffice, but it is confirmed that assembling an implant beforehand will not activate the steps in Dr. Mason's mission. In fact, you must follow the mission instructions exactly, adding the right clusters at the right time when the mission says to do that, or you risk having to START your character AGAIN (and you can't use the same name) or pay the bribe. The insistence on installing the clusters in a particular order actually fosters disinformation; despite what the mission implies, clusters can be added Faded then Shining then Bright, or Bright Faded Shining, or any order; in the same way, looted implants with missing clusters can be added to. It would be generous as this game is usually, and even educational, to be given the option to have the Doctor Clean the implant so you could start over. The only viable implant is a level 5, and it would be difficult to implant the 50, even with the Omni-Med Suit. Fair warning having been given, and because the mission updates to the next step as quickly as your computer can handle, the steps are: Leg implant: Agility > Stamina > Max Health. You will not need to exit the Kodaik to implant. Must be something to do with the tech that fits Atroxes into Yalmahas. Shade players, who cannot wear implants, get a different NPC for this penultimate mission in the ID Card series.
  • Get Lorelei's mission, buy her cookie, and face the desert. You see a hill to the far left, on which is the Leet (1337) King. LK gives you a mission and also, helpfully, the location of the Greedy Reet, so you can trade the Shiny Sword to him before you murder him for the King. But rescue Lolly at that location first, or he will be among the Reets that attack you to avenge their fellow Reet. Leets also mass attack this way, making them both what is called, "Social". Lolly is very fast, so it might be best to get the Kodaik first, and be in it. Multiple players waiting for Lolly would be wise to choose one player to go first; Lolly will eat multiple cookies and only go in one player's cage. Before heading back to the King, there is another mission giver a bit further on the same side of the desert as the Reet. If you have a paid subscription, you will want to go further still, to the Alien Crash site. Not nearly as dramatic as the alien invasion at the old Shuttleport, but it offers the alien xp so useful to paid players. Open to Froobs, even the missions. But Froobs cannot benefit as much.
  • Both of Karli's missions are team missions of one sort or another. The first, Find a Friend, starts out with you solo. Invite a team member. They must not have the mission themselves. Use the XP item on them. Teams of two or more must take turns getting the mission and will get the most XP benefit if they take turns getting the buff. The team buff mission gives the player three level 38 NCU; same Computer Literacy requirement, 76, as the belt from Patrick Sun.
  • The second of Karli's missions, the Crashed Alien Ship, is repeatable. The team mission has three floors to clear and a boss at the end, albeit scarcely populated and small ones compared with Rubi-Ka mission areas. Froobs, at the very least, because they cannot use anything Aliens drop, should consider killing the three-to-five-hit-kill target monster, the Alien Spider - Zix, completing the mission, and ignoring the 300-500-hit-kill Alien General that attacks with it. Really, this mission is just crying out for Blitzing: just running through the entire dungeon, ignoring the monsters, to find the objective and complete it. The rewards are 1500ish XP, 1500ish credits, and 440ish Alien XP. Or nothing at all; two pieces of anecdotal evidence shows it is quite possible to receive nothing but "The item was not accepted as the key for this door" messages for hours. The second is a YouTube video of an experienced player getting that bug, at about an hour 23 minutes into the video. You can right click on the mission and use "Update team members" to give them mission keys, but it has been shown to not work on the door. Then, it works on the front door but not doors inside the mission. Obviously that could potentially go on forever, so... Needs fixing.
  • You can't have everything, especially if you are a froob, but if you aren't, you can have every piece of Social Clothes that Heavy Mesh and Light Mesh can get you, if you do Emiel Dijkman's mission enough times. They don't stack, so up to 49 possible, with 30 Inventory slots, minus a slot for the ID card, minus a slot for the Colonist Survival Pack, plus the 21 slots in the Pack. There is no XP, so there is only one incentive Froobs. The Money. 727 coin for a Light Mesh, compared to only 40 for a Heavy Mesh. But Logistics Manager Fausto won't give you any reward at all if you don't ask for it. The Light and Heavy Biomesh complements the items the Leet Princess gives out. You'll still have to get the tools to work it from the Social Armor Mission on Rubi-Ka.
  • Both Remi Gallois and the Second Hand Peddler offer low QL The Original Electronicum pistols; with their +2 NCU, a useful item for getting on bigger buffs. Remi's are less good as Buff Weapons; they seem to be higher QL range. But they are definitely cheaper than the Peddler's, and even a QL 10 would be decent as a buff weapon.

"Dyna" Boss Checklist[edit]

Saltworm gaping to bite or possibly swallow

The bosses drop Nova Dillon Armor frequently. The same Nanos and Instruction Disks: the ones given to each profession by Marco Spida, drop as they do from all other critters. But very infrequently, and especially at higher character levels, other nanos not obtainable from Spida drop from the bosses. There seems to be no reason to assume there is not one such nano for each profession.

  • Cleanmeister Intelligence Robot - Cleaning Droid - just around the corner from Flint Novak
  • Supreme Collector of Waste - northeast corner of the map
  • IIV-X Advanced Docker - Droid - in the building near the building Alex Gibbs stands in front of
  • Mutated Garbage Flea under the market
  • Gnarl the Roller - Rollerrat, which wanders the edge of the desert near town
  • Harvey the Bully - which wanders but is often found in combat with the other Minibulls.
  • There may be Reet and/or Leet Dynas somewhere, but there is a rationale against it, which is that there are already higher level Reet and Leet NPCs.
  • Alien boss mentioned just to clarify that it is not a glowy boss in an outside area, so is not related to Dyna Camps in the same way.
  • Saltworm has the glowing look and the loot drop list of the other bosses, but no lower level examples of its kind. Sandworms on RK look the same and are quite high level.


In a nutshell, AO bribes you to play the bad guys, starting with the Omni-Armed Forces Assault pack from the Omni Starter Missions. Don't believe it? Compare Sentinel Armor to Omni-Armed Forces Armor. There are less obvious material advantages to playing Clan such as the Storm Carbonum Armor found in Biomare, but they probably still don't amount to evening it up. Neutral is a huge challenge, with substantial rewards. Neutral is, in this sense, for the Top Guns of the game. In PvP (Player vs Player) they can attack anyone, anytime, and they face attacks from anyone anytime. If it were not for the fact that Neuts can Always change their faction to Either Omni or Clan, it would be a solid recommendation to not try this as a beginner. As it stands, the difficulty would merely provide the impetus to buy an application form. There are a few notable exceptions to the Neutral equals difficulty and privation rule, like the Profiteer's Helper for Tradeskills, but even then, the "Clan Only" and "Omni Only" items each outnumber the "Neutral Only" ones by three to one. Neutrals can receive both sides' Shoulderpads at the Landing, if they are careful not to use the Application Form. Getting both is optional and just for fun; Clan and Omni starter shoulderpads have identical bonuses. After that is another matter; Neutrals can do both the Clan and Omni Shoulderpads missions, but they get no token board neck. No worries; there are plenty of replacement Neutral Neck Items.

Mini Toolbar and Specials[edit]

Lower left hand side, top button: Commands. Choose Help/Settings. Choose Settings. (Preferences tab, default) Expand GUI. Click on the red dot next to Control Center. Scroll down to the bottom; activate the empty dot called, "Mini Toolbar". Look up the top right of the screen, and you will see a very thin bar with icons: this is your new best friend, and you could do worse than have the Wear tab up all the time for hot-swapping equipment for your entire career; this only becomes more rewarding as the challenges increase, whereas you will be changing gear more often at lower levels, so there is really no bad time to start learning it. The other windows should be opened and closed as needed.

Special Attacks such as Fast Attack, Fling Shot, or Burst fire can be found on the Mini Toolbar under Commands, but otherwise are hidden away much more than they were before. There are dedicated hotkeys by default for these actions, and you can find what they are by navigating the same as for the Mini Toolbar, except instead of the Preferences tab, you look at the Fixed Keys and Key Bindings tabs. Or you can take a route that is easier to implement, but builds up habits that lead away from the quickest, most efficient gameplay, and add icons to your quickbar. The icons can be found at Commands > Control Panel, which toggles a window of icons including Specials.


They are best taken off of the chain. To do this, right click on the top of each window; it will now be stuck to your cursor, and you can place it back anywhere on the screen by left clicking. A tab will appear at the top of the window. Do this again with the tab, dropping it onto the top of another window, and they will now be stuck together, and you can tab between them. Combining the windows saves some space, obviously, and if the windows are not too dissimilar in size and shape, there will be no downside. You can even use the "Programs" window as an alternative to the Quickbars for nanos that are cast less often and out of combat. Same goes for the "Inventory" window that is not found on the Mini Toolbar, but on the lower left: you can click on meds here, even ones inside your backpacks, instead of using them from the quickbar, if desired, and managing backpacks of loot is a lot easier if the inventory is always up somewhere. Conversely, there are a lot of popup windows you may wish to reduce in size or move to places other than covering up where your character is fighting, especially if you are a melee fighter. And there is nothing wrong with making the chat window a little less intrusive; the rows of buttons on the left and right can be partially covered and still function, so chat on one side, inventory on the other may be an option. Even loot windows can be resized and moved, and they are not a single generic location, but there is actually a Loot Window 1, 2, etc, and if you get a pile of dead enemies, as can happen sometimes, you can adjust a reasonable number of them to overlap less, be smaller, or whatever and thus be easier to manage.


Note that Anarchy Online is a game that rewards players of lower levels with opportunities specific to those levels: most common is Missions to level higher, like other games, but there are also three reasons to care less about experience than other elements, or even turn off experience gains altogether (Help/Settings > Settings > Preferences > Behaviour > )

  1. AO gives you the opportunity to gain power by going up levels, of course, but also grants wide scope to gaining as much power as you can at any given level
  2. Money-making opportunities are often level-specific (see Clicksaver and Buff Weapons); players will create Mission bots to run specific levels of missions for specific levels of item rewards
  3. More rarely, players will make characters of a specific level to compete in Notum Wars battles

XP can be turned off if you want to be sure of not going over a cap and have no plans on leveling higher. Normally, you could save that XP as, effectively, an XP bonus for later levels, by simply dying. The "lost" XP goes into a pool which is drained to add XP each time you make XP thereafter. But it seems you don't lose XP in Arete Landing.

Low Level Challenge[edit]

You want a level 1 character on Rubi-Ka and outtahere. Then you can run Missions for QL1 YES Support 1010 SMGs with +5 Sense, QL1 Second-Hand Old English Trading Co. pistols with +5 Intelligence, QL1 Cheap Soft Pepper Pistols with +2 BM, MM, and MC, QL1 The Original Electronicum pistols with 2 NCU or QL1 Tsakachumi PTO-HV Counter-Sniper Rifles with +4 Agility. You may or may not care about any of the XP or items here; just turn off XP when crafting if you do want things and when getting money for crafting them. But how to skip through the required ID Card mission chain? Well, no missions are required. Only an ID Card. A mission chain to get it is offered, but that is only one of two ways. The other is to pay Vaughn Hammond 15,000 credits. For a quick, if not easy 15K, run to the reclaim terminal if you want, otherwise straight to the Underground, where the Fleas and Thief are. At coordinates 3448, 889, you will find the Credit Card. AO Universe: "If you are looking to bypass Arete Landing and get right into ICC HQ, right click on the Credit Card in your Inventory, and say Yes at the pop up. You will be given 15k Credits. You can then go straight to Vaughn Hammond and bribe him to let you leave. Or of course, you can pocket the credits."


When it says, "Reward: Nothing" for these, that is not entirely true. You ALWAYS get XP for crafting, puny though it is.

There are some tradeskills possible without Antonio's Adaptation Factory, most of them in missions, so look in the AOU mission guide for those if there are not notes on them here. Most are combinations of ingredients and Antonio's Adaptation Factory (we will refer to as AAF), or combinations of ingredients converted by the Factory. With ingredients in inventory, pick one up, and hit shift + right click on the other. There are no combinations that make the wrong result if you use a Source in place of the Target.

  • Screwdriver + Worn Shotgun NODROP = Polished Eliminator, NODROP.
  • Rings can be combined: Ring tradeskills introduced in 18.7 patch. There is no change whatever to the damage, the types are simply combined. This removes the utility of being able to use multiple rings on multiple characters who deal different damage types and adds the less likely but still valid advantage of being able to gain bonuses to multiple damage types dealt by a single character. The ring ingredients and final products are tradeable.
  • Engineers, or Traders, or even Meta-Physicists and Nanotechnicians; anyone wanting to do Tradeskills on RK, will want to consider buying a third Solar Powered Pistol to use on RK; they can be made there, and much easier than it used to be, but it saves a bit of cash (and ssh, don't tell anyone, but you have almost infinite storage space in this game). The Solar-Powered Master Engineer Pistol and the upgrades before and after it are very useful.

Starting weapon upgrades using AAF: all finished and intermediate results are NODROP, and the weapons themselves, whether at startup or bought from Antonio, are also NODROP.

  • Assault Rifle. Antontonio's Adaptation Factory (AAF), pick up, shift + right click on Fluid Sample from Garbage Flea or Waste Collector. Result with starting weapon.
  • Wailing Bat (1HB). AAF + Reet Beak from Reet. Result with starting weapon.
  • Surge Baseball Bat(Melee Energy). AAF + Power Supply from 32-V Docker droids. Result with starting weapon.
  • Grip Blade (Two Hand Edged-2HE) and/or Strong Oak Bo (Two Hand Blunt-2HB). AAF + Leather Hide from Angry Minibull. Result with starting weapon.
  • Shaolin Sporting Bow. AAF + Rollerrat Intestines from Rollerrat. Result with starting weapon.
  • Electrical Surge Pistol. AAF + Power Supply from 32-V Docker droids. Result with starting weapon.
  • Injector Dagger. AAF + Venom Sample from Fleas. Result with starting weapon.
  • Wave Heated Plasma Gun. AAF + Fuel Chamber from Waste Collector. Result with starting weapon.
  • Nizno's Bomb Thrower. AAF + Compression Chamber (rare) from Waste Collector. Result with starting weapon.
  • Balanced War Hammer. AAF + Large Skull from Angry Minibull. Result with starting weapon.
  • Cerzet Zapper Rifle. AAF + Optical Enhancer from 32-V Docker droids. Result with starting weapon.
  • Stabilized Silent Spitter. AAF + Bone Plate from Angry Minibull. Result with starting weapon.
  • Spine Sword. AAF + Spinal Section from Leet. Result with starting weapon.

Additional items:

  • Hand Staff of Naja (Summoned Metaphysicist 1HB weapon). AAF + Venom Sample from Fleas. Result with summoned Damaged Staff of Naja.

With the rest of these three items, all final results are tradeable.

  • Poison Injector Bracelet (Adds Poison damage. The ICC Shuttleport ones were a crash course in how damage adds work in AO. Damage adds give a bonus to existing damage, and the damage types must match: if your weapon does Energy and you try to add Poison, nothing happens. However the "Damage override type to PoisonAC" code seems to work, converting existing damage to Poison type. Even better than a Poison damage source, since you can just take them off for something strong to Poison. The +3 damage is nice; two is a good way towards Temple of Three Winds ring amounts of damage, and it stacks with them, too. Unknown how many mobs are weak to Poison AC damage. AAF + Venom Sample from Fleas. AAF + Compression Chamber (rare, and you'll want two for each character, so be prepared to take some time doing that if you are unlucky) from Waste Collector. Combine these results. Result with starting weapon. Finished article is Tradeable; the results of of the AAF + ingredients combinations are NODROP.
  • Leather Vest. AAF + Rollerrat Intestines from Rollerrat. Result with Hide from Angry Minibull. After those 2HE and 2HB weapons, don't think you need an AAF with the Hide. Result with starting weapon. The Leather Vest is not recommended. Best obtained early, since the Newcomer Armor rises above its main ACs before level 10. However note its extremely high Chemical and Disease ACs: Fire, Cold, Melee and Projectile 40. Chemical and Disease 120. Nano Pool 40. Run Speed 20. First Aid 10. Max Health 40. Newcomer at level 10: ACs 68, except for Radiation Chemical and Disease 41. NCU 2, Health and Nano 7, First Aid 4. So if you get it you can pop it on whenever attacked by Chemical or Disease. In the middle of combat, you ask? Drag the Leather Vest to the quickbar. However, the Newcomer's Armor wants to activate its leveling mechanic when used on the quickbar, instead of equip. Finished article is Tradeable; the results of of the AAF + ingredients combinations are NODROP.
  • Range Meter. AAF + Optical Enhancer. AAF + Power Supply. Both are from 32-V Docker droids. Combine these results. Result with starting weapon. Invaluable. Finished article is Tradeable; the results of of the AAF + ingredients combinations are NODROP.



ICC HQ[edit]

RALPH's boss has no time for your questions. RALPH has no time for your questions.
  • RALPH: delivery mission from Jonas in Arete Landing started after level 5, see above. Behind him is his boss, who would dismiss you curtly, and an exquisitely modelled floating ball droid that gives out repeatable Daily Missions.
  • Retrieve purse from Thief in the Subway for the lady to the left just outside the building you teleport to. Target location is of course level capped at 25.
  • Woman in Shopping area: Mail Terminal learning mission from Fia Lou. "Read Your Mail" gives 3 QL 50 NCU chips and XP; a level 100 player gets about 3% of their XP to level.
  • Temple of the Three Winds, Steps of Madness and Smugglers' Den NPCs are now in ICC since Patch 18.7. The ICC is now the only active entrance to the Condemned Subway.

Condemned Subway[edit]

You want as many pieces of the Living Cyber Armor as possible. The drop rate for sleeves appears to have been increased somewhere around 2009 or 2010. The enemies that drop LCA are over level 15, so be around level 20 first. If it helps you level or some other reason, get the Body Armor and Boots from the Good Time Party Mixer's mission first; any other pieces might drop in the Subway, wasting time. Get in, get out, don't try Abmouth, don't even try Vergil Aeneid. Either get rich and buy the Ring of the Nucleus Basalis and/or Juggler's Treat, or get a little rich and roll a new character to come back twinked.

Clan: West Athen[edit]

Though the Subway cannot be accessed here, the Clan Starter Missions here are functioning as normal. You probably won't have enough Computer Literacy to take the Grid to West Athen, with 130 required. Take the Wompah to Tir and then to Old Athen and hoof it across the bridge out of the West Gate to West Athen. The mission chain begins with Annie Kingsglade, blonde and in a pink dress; she is just outside of town by the road about halfway through town.

Omni: Galway Shire[edit]

The Omni Starter Missions should be functioning as normal. Sydney Finn is the first contact for this mission, at coordinates 205 by 880 in Galway Shire.

Neutral: Borealis[edit]

The Neutral Starter Missions should be functioning as normal. Take the Whompah to Borealis, take a left and Aleksei Innokenti (685,475) is half a sprint ahead. You should see Nodda Gregg and Inventor Bobic also, before you are level 30, but don't go via Tir to points outside, don't use the insurance terminals in the Tir County area and be prepared to die or run very far, as many times as you go back to points outside of Tir County, because the named Sentinels at the gates of Tir shoot to kill and they kill. Check the missions first to see what they need and THEN come, is the best way.

On Your Way[edit]

Next up: Temple of Three Winds for Rings and Shoulderpads and NCU and Robe, Missions and Dyna Camps for rolling Buff Weapons and Buff Armor and Nanos with Clicksaver (use and/or sell), Daily Missions for XP. Players will greatly benefit from the items in Steps of Madness, but it is designed to exclude XP gain by making all its enemies both, very tough and, too low level to gain XP from. Biomare is better suited for leveling after leaving the Temple of the Three Winds. Both Biomare and Crypt of Home have unparalleled items.


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