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The acronym NCU stands for several things that are related.

1. Nano Controller Unit - Which is a small cybernetic device that is fused to the brainstem of all the characters in the game and gives them the ability to manipulate nano-technology.

2. NCU capacity - A measure of how many nanoprograms your Nano Controller Unit can hold and sustain. This measure is augmented primarily by belt decks and NCU chips.

3. Alien Nano Controller Unit - A device made from alien materials that can be made and used by casting type characters to enhance their nano skills.

Your Nano Controlling Units, normally just called NCU, limit what programs you can have running on yourself at any time. Beneficial programs that have continual effect take up a set amount of NCU, and if the target does not have enough NCU free to hold a new program, that program will fail to execute. Hostile programs do not take up NCU, nor do programs with instant effects like instant healing or damage.

Your free and total numbers of NCU are listed in the bottom left corner of the screen. You start with eight total NCU. The most common way to increase your NCU is to install a Belt Component Platform, and then fill the slots in the platform with NCU Memory chips.

--Berael 21:27, 24 January 2007 (CET)

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