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ICC Shuttleport teleports Omnis to a spot which is a fair old hike away from Rome Blue, but the starting contact for this mission series is on your way anyway, so do not miss it in your hurry to get to civilization. The rewards may seem meager at first glance, and one of the three has been made redundant by later modifications to the game, but trust me, taken as a whole, they are huge.

Anarchy Online's skill system works differently to other games, allowing items to give you for an increase in power that is not about percentage points of derived statistics, but enables you to effectively operate as if you were higher level, apart from hit points and nano pool, and of course even that can be arranged.

To put it another way: In another game, you may become able to use a new attack once you gain a level. Items you find might make that attack more effective. In AO, levelling will give you some more Skills, enabling new attacks, but items can give you enough skills to use an even higher level of attack.

The Omni Armed Forces Training Helmet and particularly Omni-Armed Forces Assault pack are the real prizes here. +3 Intelligence is well on the way to getting a +1 to all Nanoskills, and the pack buffs skills that can rarely be buffed, like Special Attacks.

Deliver the Recipe[edit]

Sydney Finn is the first contact for this mission chain, at coordinates 205 by 880 in Galway Shire. Hold the mouse cursor over the PF Map to get coordinates.

Bronto Sausage Recipe Bronto Sausage Recipe in inventory, head down the road, east, to the Bronto Burger stand at coordinates 485 , 870, where the OT Bronto Chef is working. Give her the Recipe by clicking on the Give Items icon on the bottom of her chat box.

Belt Component Platform Ti-200X Belt Component Platform Ti-200X is her reward. If you completed the mission to take the belt to the vendor Antonio Stacklund at ICC Shuttleport, then you have better than this already.

Mr. Blake's Burger[edit]

Bronto Burger A Bronto Burger is the next delivery, to Mr. Blake, inside the gates of Rome Blue, at coords 645, 424.

2 - 3 NCU Memory His reward will fill your belt up to the second slot, with an NCU chip to spare if you did the aforementioned Shuttleport Mission.

Mr. Blake gets right down to Omni-Tek business with a mission to restore communications with an Omni outpost.

Communications Breakdown[edit]

Radio Transceiver A Radio Transceiver is needed by Lieutenant Echholt in Omni Forest, and Blake gives you one to deliver. But what is this about the Lt. having a fondness for whiskey? Time for a little personal initiative. Would not hurt to make a new friend in a (relatively) high place.
Scottish Whiskey Group - Vintage xI And only the best will do, of course; Echholt will ignore everything but Scottish Whiskey Group - Vintage xI.
You will have to look around pretty hard to find the whiskey; Bartenders may have it, you may find a Drinks terminal that has it. But do not give up; it is crucial to getting the best reward. If Rome Blue is dry, it may be best to get it on the way to the outpost; in the northeast of Omni Entertainment is a bar, Baboons, that will almost certainly have it.

If you have not had to leave Rome Blue already to find the whiskey, from Rome Blue, head to the southwest exit to Rome Red. Go left (south) to the whompahs, and pick the one to Omni Entertainment. When you are ready, head out the east gate of the Entertainment sector and go right (south) along the road until you come to a gap in the wall on the left (west). Head southwest through the gap to the Omni-Pol Barracks, and circle around it to the entrance on the east side. Lieutenant Echholt may be a little too busy to be graciously thankful, but you may want to thank him all the same.

Omni-Armed Forces Training Helmet Omni-Armed Forces Training Helmet
Omni-Armed Forces Assault pack Omni-Armed Forces Assault pack

Omnifier An Omnifier, should you come across one, will upgrade the Training Helmet to a
Modified Omni-Armed Forces Training Helmet Modified Omni-Armed Forces Training Helmet Auno Stats

After this mission, you might prefer to just quit while you are ahead, and no one would blame you really. The rewards get small again after this; it is pretty hard to top those two items. However, Lieutenant Echholt will direct you onwards to an OT Tailor in Omni Trade, and give you an item to take to him. Northwest back to the wall gate, and take the whompah to Omni Trade.

Leather Work[edit]

Tattered Bronto Gloves Tattered Bronto Gloves given to you by the Lt. need repair, and the OT Tailor at 433 x 360 in Omni Trade can fix them...once he gets some more supplies.

Nano Crystal (Treatment Proficiency) Nano Crystal (Treatment Proficiency) is your reward for bringing the gloves. Do not bother uploading this nano; it will only be few levels until you can use Treatment Expertise, which will be useful forever, and more importantly, it is not possible to remove nanos from the Programs window, and once it becomes full, it becomes a scrollable window, which plays havoc with stacking it on other windows.

Purchase Order Purchase Order Bronto Drover Apprentice, Lush Fields (2890,2905)

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