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Doreen Griffel works it inside the Baboons bar
No rest for A Dancing Fool...

Baboons bar entrance features a generous helping of steam and incandescent gases thanks to an anonymous Omni-Engineering department. The entrance to the bar can be found at 755 x 751 in the northeast of Omni Entertainment.

Inside are the dancers Doreen Griffel, Stuart Skabo, Dustin Fornataro, Mel Shorts, Cari McDannold and, (thankfully?) hidden behind shrubbery and a column, A Dancing Fool, contact NPC for the Fixer Grid Mission.

...except in midair, during backflips
Like much of Omni Entertainment, Baboons' architecture is in the Art Deco style

To the north, in one of the back rooms, is found one of the Good Time Party Mixers. Any of the Good Time Party Mixers, easily recognizable in their colorful clothing, will offer the Living Cyber Armor Mission to any traveller, of whatever faction, even if they refuse to sell them liquor.

A room in the northwest is the bar proper, with two OT Bartenders, and there is an empty room to the northeast.

Far in the back, toilet facilities are marked with somewhat obscure icons which could be mistaken to mean that only females patrons armed with melee weapons, and males armed with pistols are allowed to enter. There is seemingly nowhere for the unarmed or differently armed to go.

Fully functional (quite impressive level design detail for 2001) spiral staircases lead up to elegant east and west lounge areas, with a bridge area arcing between them. From these upper areas, the swinging to and fro of the dancefloor floodlights can be seen most clearly.

OT Good Time Party Mixer

Many Organization Cities contain a teleport complex that offers an instantaneous (your results may vary) transport to the outside of the bar, or Reet's Retreat or Neuters 'R' Us. There are no guards nearby the teleport point, but there is no return teleport, and for Clan members, no escaping the guards in the rest of the city, barring some combination of a Doctor, Fixer, Trader, or Nano-Technician teleportation Nano Program, a Yalmaha, high hitpoints, or luck.

Typing the command /disco will make player characters dance, should they feel the need.


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