Central Artery Valley

Platforms and staircases have been built onto these large trees
Offal Maggots are among CAV's denizens

A high level area, dubbed CAV by players, bordered on three sides by passable zone walls. Southern Artery Valley to the South, Upper Stret East Bank to the West, Deep Artery Valley to the East. The whole of the zone wall with Varmint Woods is impassable; however, exiting the northwest corner into Upper Stret East Bank, the player can find the tiny passage from USEB to Varmint Woods. Stret East Bank is to its southeast corner, and Belial Forest lies to the southeast, a little south of that corner.

Carbonrich Rock deposits from QL 1-245 can be found at 1200 1000 in the Four Rocks region. They are commonly picked clean of QL 80-140 rocks and most harvesters are polite enough to leave the higher QL rocks. Conversely, it is probably good policy to pick and delete the QL 1-80 ones, as there are multiple reasons to not bother with most lower QL Instruction Discs, many other CR Rock deposits with those lower QLs, and the sooner the site starts spawning more higher QL rocks, the better.

Enigma Village and Forest are the stronghold of the various forms and allies of the Enigma presence in CAV, and CAV the stronghold of their presence on Rubi-Ka.

Lookout Tree is a landmark in CAV, as well as a warning issued to players flying Yalmahas on autorun.

Xenobiologist Grimes carries out studies of Enigmas in the far northwest of CAV, and is the target of the Experimental Software Daily Mission. As with many field researchers, apparently, Eco-toxicologist Drew being another example, her research receives a low priority when it comes to recognition and funding, and this causes her considerable agitation.

Dyna Camps[edit]

The Snake dyna at 3500, 1900 is a dual dyna with two bosses.

Mob Type Coordinates Level Range (+/- 15%)
Cyborgs 1380, 2740 120
Enigmas 1700, 2500 120
Nightcrawlers 860, 2380 130
Nightcrawlers 460, 2380 135
Anuns 420, 1060 145
Nightcrawlers 940, 1860 145
Nightcrawlers 3380, 1380 145
Nightcrawlers 500, 1700 150
Nightcrawlers 2340, 340 150
Snakes 3220, 1620 150
Mob Type Coordinates Level Range (+/- 15%)
Anuns 3580, 2940 165
Enigmas 2380, 2340 155
Enigmas 2620, 2820 160
Snakes 380, 420 160
Enigmas 1340, 860 170
Enigmas 940, 1540 170
Nanofreaks 2660, 300 205
Snakes 3540, 1420 215
Snakes 3500, 1900 275

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
140-200 1740, 3100 By the Fisher Village
140-200 2100, 3060 Fisher Village Approach
100-170 2900, 2820 North Forest
90-130 3340, 2700 North-East Forest
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
130-170 860, 1220 North-West of Lava Ditches
100-150 3100, 980 Mid Clutching Forest
130-170 860, 780 South-West of Lava Ditches
100-150 3180, 620 South Clutching Forest

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