Stret East Bank

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A mixture of dense woodlands and rolling grassland, with rocky ravines to the south, and the great Stret River to the west, Stret East Bank is the home of the mostly vertically aligned Stalker monsters and the Omni base 2HO.

Connects with Upper Stret East Bank to the north, Southern Artery Valley to the east, Milky Way to the southeast, Andromeda to the southwest, and after crossing most of the Stret River, 4 Holes to the west. Or just use the Ferry terminal north of the 2HO base to teleport instantly to 4 Holes.

Grid and wompah access to and from the Omni 2HO base is considerably less than entirely safe for Clan players. Clan players who wish to travel the fastest way to Biomare can exit the grid and run east and then south to the Longest Road wompah exit, past one well armed Omni guard usually stationed at the wompahs, but such are the hazards near Biomare in any case. Clan players wishing to exit 2HO into Stret East Bank must get past four Omni guards usually stationed at the east gate, or swim.

Mutants of all sorts, stalkers, spiders to the south, snakes, hyenas, scorpiods, and T60s roam in this area. Mostly level 50-80, with the notable exception of the T60s and the Omni guards.