4 Holes

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The typically rocky landscape of 4 Holes

4 Holes is an Omni-Controlled zone with an Omni Grid exit at Argentum within 75% Suppression Gas. The vast majority of the zone is a PvP political zone with 25% Suppression Gas, including the four mining towns Aurum, Ahenus, Argentum and Chalceus, all built with standard OT style architecture. Stret West Bank is to the north, Stret East Bank to the east, and Andromeda to the south. 4 Holes has whompahs leading to Broken Shores and Central Artery Valley (previously 20K outpost in Pleasant Meadows, the 2HO outpost in Stret East Bank, and Broken Shores?). There are a wide variety of QLs of Carbonrich Ore crystal outcrops in between the rocks and canyons. There are nine Land Control Areas in this zone, and no Dyna Camps.

A four hours duration buff, "Union Blessing", with a 35% bonus to XP is given to Clan players in the immediate vicinity of the Unionist Foreman NPC not far to the northwest of the grid exit, every 10 minutes.

The exact date when the towns were founded, and which one was first, is unknown. They may have originally been outzone mines back when Omni-1 was still under construction. Its proximity to both Omni-Tek Territory and area controlled by the Clans has made it an area of frequent dispute for years. Aurum and Argentum, and presumably the other two towns, are still under Unionist Occupation, with Omni-Tek issuing a directive to allow full "Open Hostility" against the unionists and anyone supporting them. On 30 May, 29480, the Clans took advantage of the Omni-Tek occupation of Borealis to send unionists in to occupy all of 4 Holes and the four towns. A verbal rivalry exists between all four towns over which is the best.

The four town names are Latin for metals: Aurum is Gold, Argentum Silver, Ahenus Copper, and Chalcius, from an erroneus Latin text which claims it is the "ore from which brass is melted", which is impossible, since brass is an amalgam of copper and zinc[1] (just as bronze is an amalgam of copper and tin).

There is a ferry in the south that carries Rubikans across the Stret River.



Brian Horn, the mayor of Chalceum...or is it Aurum? Omni-Tek architecture

Aurum is southernmost and largest of the four mining towns that make up the area of 4 Holes. Means "Gold" in Latin.


  • OT Tailor Shop is at (1139,1135) labeled "4 Holes Fashion" on the outside.
  • OT Basic Augmentor has shop at (1136, 1153) labed "Tools n Stuff" outside.
  • Miiir fashion has an outlet shop at (1155, 1155), OT only.
  • There is an OT Basic Pharmacist inside the building labeled "HeadWare Shop" at (1182,1177)
  • Omni-Tek Mission Terminals are located west of the Whompah at (1180,1243) outside the Double Gate Inn
  • Aurum is connected to the Omni-Tek Whompah Network at (1208,1250). It connects Aurum with The Omni Outpost in Broken Shores, 20k in Pleasant Meadows, and 2HO in Stret East Bank

Sights to See[edit]

  • The Canary (1166,1100) is a restauant with outdoor seating.
  • There is a Prison at (1207,1210) which looks like any of the other city prisons. It is unguarded at this time, possibly due to the Unionist Takeover.


  • Brian Horn is standing atop the Canary at (1166, 1100). He is a gruff surly man who claims to be the mayor of Chalceum. Due to the occupation, he may be the mayor of nothing and is hiding there to escape the Unionist forces.
  • Also at the Canary is the more cheerful Jane Frued, who is the waitress at the Canary. Though more cheerful than Brian Horn, she has less to say.


Means "Copper" in Latin.


Argentum is westernmost of the four mining towns, and nearest to the Grid exit. It has the most buildings of the four towns. Argentum means "Silver" in Latin.


  • OT Tailor Shop is at (985,1802) labeled "4 Holes Fashion" on the outside.
  • OT Basic Quality Augmentor has a shop at (902,1745) labeled "Tools n Stuff" outside.
  • Mojo's Weapon Emporium (920, 1625), is shop with an OT Basic Weapons dealer.

Union Blessing[edit]

Union Blessing is given to Clan players in the immediate vicinity of the Unionist Foreman NPC at (902, 1704), every 10 minutes. Omni players may attempt to take advantage of this by waiting for Clan players, especially ones that go AFK while waiting for the buff. The buff is a 35% bonus to XP and is four hours in duration.

To see how long it will be before the next buff is cast, toggle on "Show Nano Target's NCU" to see the Unionist Foreman's buffs and their duration. The Foreman's version lasts 10 minutes, and the Foreman will recast both when theirs wears off. The 75% gas area that the Grid Exit is within is quite near, just up the ramp, so it is possible to wait safely.

Sights to See[edit]

  • The Subsea Resort (858,1759) is a open air building with large pool with deck chairs. Nice place for a pool party, if it was not for the suppression and the weather.
  • A large toxic lake is at (825,1813)


  • A large Atrox called the Unionist Foreman wanders around. Omni-Tek personnel have orders to eradicate him on sight.
  • Another Atrox called Unionist Agitator Scarpase stands outside the Subsea Resort at 828,1766. While not named directly, it is assumed that OT will also reward for his termination.


The "ore from which brass is melted"" in Latin, an error by a Roman scholar; Brass is actually copper plus zinc.

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
60-90 1580,2380 Notum Ore in Buttos
35-50 940,2020 Mountain of Fourtyone
35-50 1300,1980 Mountain in 4holes
45-60 1660,1740 South of Ahenus
70-100 1820,1340 Ibreri Woods North
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
35-50 1460,1260 Mountain of Fortytwo
100-150 1740,1060 Iberi Woods
45-70 1180,500 Ibreri
45-70 460,420 Jall Mountain


Four Holes Graffiti

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